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Author stories: Ripley Patton

Ripley Patton’s writing career has been a dream come true twice over.

It started in 2006, when her husband’s job as a social worker meant the family could move to New Zealand — and that Ripley could now pursue her lifelong goal of becoming a published author.

First came award-winning short stories; next came an agent who helped her develop an idea into a full-length novel. And then came tragedy ...

Finish the story (we promise there's a happy ending) here.

* * *

In this series, we're sharing the stories of authors and the difference it makes when you purchase their books. We encourage you to take a moment to read them and then make a commitment to buy one ebook each month. Even though it costs only a dollar or two, it makes all the difference in the world.

Posted By Sadye S, The Fussy Librarian on August 9, 2017


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