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Reach 25,000 readers for $6.

Giving away one of your ebooks is a great tool for authors to reach new fans, get more reviews, and build their mailing list. (You do have your email address in the back of your ebooks, so readers can contact you about new releases, right?)

We have two daily newsletters -- our original one that has both free and priced titles, and a second one that has just free ebooks. The original newsletter is often booked far in advance and it can be a bit inflexible -- it doesn't work with list-building sites like InstaFreebie or AuthorReach, and the genre titles are fixed. 

The free-only newsletter offers more flexibility for authors as well as next-day service at no additional charge, if you order by 6 p.m. Want the genre to be listed time-travel romance or maybe cyberpunk? We can do that. Want to send clicks to your own website so you can collect email addresses? We can do that, too.

Listings in the free newsletter include the genre, title, a one-sentence description, and a link to retailers. (Coming soon: Genre preferences and book covers.) 

To reserve a spot in the free newsletter, email us with:

  • The date of your promotion.

  • Genre

  • Title‚Äč

  • A one-sentence description for the book.

  • Links to Amazon, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Google, etc.

We'll send a confirmation email back and then an invoice through Paypal.  

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