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Giving away one of your ebooks is a great tool for authors to reach new fans, get more reviews, and build their mailing list. 

We have two daily newsletters -- our original one that has both free and priced titles, and a second one that has just free ebooks. The original newsletter is often booked far in advance and it can be a bit inflexible -- it doesn't work with list-building sites like InstaFreebie or AuthorReach, and the genre titles are fixed. 

The free-only newsletter offers more flexibility for authors as well as next-day service at no additional charge, if you order by 6 p.m. Want to send clicks to your own website so you can collect email addresses? We can do that.

Listings in the free newsletter include the genre, title, the book cover, a one-sentence description, and a link to retailers.

(First-time customers: Get 50% off to try us. Click here to submit your book.)

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