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Free ebooks: Mystery/thriller

These mystery and thriller ebooks are always free!

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  • Mysteries: Rumble Strip by Lisa Shea. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mysteries: The Girl on the Yacht by Karen Donahue. Always free. Amazon.
  • Mysteries: Multiple Motives (A Kate Huntington Mystery) by Kassandra Lamb. Always free. Amazon.
  • Mysteries: The Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: Surface Tension by Christine Kling. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: Elusive by Sara Rosett. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: Death By A HoneyBee by Abigail Keam. Free indefinitely. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: Thirsty for Payback by Marie Astor. Always free. Amazon.
  • MysteriesThe Counterfeit Father: A Tony Pandy Mystery by PV Lundqvist. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mysteries: To Catch a Bad Guy by Marie Astor. Always free. Amazon.
  • Mysteries: An Olde Christmas Carol, by Garrett Dennis. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mysteries: Aspen Allegations by Lisa Shea. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mysteries: Rise of The Iron Eagle by Roy A. Teel Jr. Amazon.
  • Mysteries: Southern Bound by Stuart Jaffe. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: Soft Case by John Misak. Amazon.
  • Mysteries: A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett. Amazon.  
  • Mysteries: Red Handed: A Katerina Carter Color of Money Mystery by Colleen Cross. Amazon
  • Mysteries: Astray in Couper by R. Marquez. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: No Game for a Dame by M. Ruth Myers. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: In the Shadow of El Paso by Frank Zafiro.  Amazon.  B&N
  • Mysteries: The Collins Case by Julie C. Gilbert. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: The Bastard Mummy by Frank Zafiro.  AmazonB&N
  • Mysteries: Courage Begins: A Ray Courage Mystery Novella by R. Scott Mackey. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries: General Well'ngone In Love by Libi Astaire. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mysteries-Police Procedural: Dead on Demand by Sean and Daniel Campbell. Always free. Amazon.
  • Mystery-Historical: The Cavalier of the Apocalypse by Susanne Alleyn. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mysteries-Female sleuths: Multiple Motives by Kassandra Lamb. Amazon. 
  • Mysteries-Female sleuths: False Truth 1: A Jordan Fox Mystery by Diane Capri. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries-Female sleuths: Loose Ends by D.D. VanDyke. Always free. Amazon.  
  • Mysteries-Female sleuths: Girl Undercover by Julia Derek. Amazon.
  • Mysteries-Female sleuths: Deadly Gamble by Connie Shelton. Amazon.
  • Mystery-female sleuths: Reckless by Susan Kiernan-Lewis. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Mysteries-Female sleuths: Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. Always free.  AmazonNook
  • Mysteries-Female sleuths: Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto. Amazon
  • Mysteries-cozy: Sweet Masterpiece by Connie Shelton. Always free. Amazon.
  • Mystery-Cozy: The Lucky Cat by Lisa Shea. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mystery-cozy: Ghost in the Coffee Machine: Coffee and Ghosts: Episode 1 by Charity Tahmaseb. AmazonB&N.
  • Mystery-cozy: The Preening Peacock by Lisa Shea. Amazon. B&N.
  • Mystery-Christian: Life of Secrets by Bowen Greenwood. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Mystery-Hardboiled suspense: Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett. AmazonB&N.
  • Mystery-Paranormal: The Pit Stop by Carmen DeSousa. AmazonB&N.

Thrillers & suspense

  • Thrillers: A Secondhand Lie by Pamela Crane. Amazon. B&N.
  • Thrillers: Free Falling by Susan Kiernan-Lewis. Always free. Amazon,  
  • Thrillers: The Rectifier: Volume 1 by Glenn A. Jones. Amazon. B&N.
  • Thrillers: Run Girl by Eva Hudson. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Thrillers: Inheritance by Thomas Wymark. Amazon. B&N.
  • Thrillers: Never Say Spy by Diane Henders. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Thrillers:‚Äč Goliath by Richard Turner. Always free. AmazonB&N.
  • Thrillers: Too Close for Comfort by Adam Croft. Amazon.
  • Thrillers: No Quarter: Dominium - Volume 1 by Megan Evans. Amazon. B&N.
  • Thrillers: A Danger to Himself and Others (Bomb Squad NYC Incident 1) by J.E. Fishman. Amazon
  • Thrillers: Ethan Justice: Origins by Simon Jenner. Amazon. B&N.
  • Thrillers: A Fatal Affair by Pamela Crane. AmazonB&N.
  • Thrillers: Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljes. AmazonB&N.
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