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This newsletter is mostly bargain ebooks, as the catchy name suggests :) You can promote free ebooks here if you want and they will be included in our other newsletter. Please note we do not recommend adding a second genre if you are doing a free ebook promotion in this newsletter. (Yes, we like money but we also want you to get a good value.) For all of our prices, click here please. 

In order to be considered, you must have published an ebook with:

  • At least 10 reviews (can be a past book or the one you’re promoting).

  • An average rating of 4.0 on Amazon if you have 10-19 reviews, or an average of 3.5 if you have more than 20 reviews (to compensate for how having an abundance of reviews can sometimes drag your average down).

  • Reviews all must be from Amazon, but they can be split between Amazon’s various stores (like US and UK).

  • A price of $5.99 or less on the day of the promotion. We recommend putting your book on sale for 99 cents or $2.99, but it is not required.

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THE FREE EBOOK NEWSLETTER (185,000 subscribers)

About this newsletter:

  • The book must be free to everyone on the day of promotion.

  • Your book will be included on our free ebook page every day of your free promotion, even the days before it appears in our email newsletter. If your book is permafree, we'll feature it for two weeks on our website. 

  • You can include links to Instafreebie, Author Reach, or your website. Everyone must receive a copy of the ebook, though. 

  • We recommend making the book free for at least two days. Many readers don't open their email until the second day. 

  • We do not accept promotions more than 60 days in advance.

  • We offer next-day service at no extra charge if you submit the promotion before 6 p.m. central time.

  • We do not have any review requirements for this newsletter.

  • Permafree book? We offer a subscription model if you want to promote regularly. Details here.

  • Prices vary by genre and are listed here.

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Do you accept new releases, pre-orders or box sets? Yes, if you have a previously published book with at least 10 Kindle or 10 Nook reviews and a 4.0 average.  

Can I promote my book in more than one genre? Yes, you can reach subscribers in an additional genre at one-half of the regular price. Please note that if a subscriber has selected both genres you list your book, it will appear only once in that subscriber's personalized email. This eliminates duplication and helps reduce the size of the email file.

What's your policy on subtitles for nonfiction books? If it appears in large type on your book's cover, we'll include that in the title area. If you want to include the book's subtitle, you're welcome to include it in the synopsis of the book.

My book isn't live yet. Can I submit it now? Yes, we do this with a lot of new releases. Include 10 random digits for the ASIN and for the URL. Then just email us when the book is live with the new information and we'll update everything.



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Provide a link to your book's Goodreads page so readers can add it to their "to be read" list. Adding this link can generate sales weeks and even months after your promotion has run. Free.


You can pick the exact date of your promotion. Prefer weekends for your promotions? Just want the first available opening? You decide. 

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