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This newsletter is mostly bargain ebooks, as the catchy name suggests :) You can promote free ebooks here if you want and they will be included in our other newsletter. Please note we do not recommend adding a second genre if you are doing a free ebook promotion in this newsletter. (Yes, we like money but we also want you to get a good value.) For all of our prices, click here please. 

In order to be considered, your ebook should have:

  • A quality cover.

  • A price of $5.99 or less on the day of the promotion. We strongly recommend putting your book on sale for 99 cents or $2.99, but it is not required.

While we recommend having a few reviews for your book prior to submitting it, we do accept new releases. Books with more reviews generally do better.  

We do not offer guarantees or predictions of how many copies your book will sell. It varies widely from genre to genre and even from title to title within a genre. If it's your first time promoting with us, we strongly recommend promoting one book, in one genre, to see how it fares and whether our mailing list is a good fit for your books.

The software for our bargain newsletter does not provide click data. 

If you wish to promote a book in a secondary genre, it will appear in that second genre if the readers does not already get the primary genre. It will appear on our website only in the primary genre.

If we determine that your book has quality control issues -- either in the cover or the content -- we reserve the right to refund your fee.

Kindle Vella book? We promote those in our free ebook newsletter. See our note below.

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About this newsletter:

  • The book must be free to everyone for the entire day of promotion (U.S. time).

  • Your book will be included on our free ebook page on the day of your free promotion. 

  • You can include links to Book Funnel or your website. Everyone must receive a copy of the ebook, though. 

  • We recommend making the book free for at least two days. Some readers don't open their email until the second day. 

  • Permafree book? We offer a subscription model if you want to promote regularly. Details here. (Note: Program currently at limit and has been paused. Email us if you want to be on the waiting list.)

  • Prices vary by genre and are listed here.

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Kindle Vella

Yes, we promote Kindle Vella books in our free ebook newsletter. You can submit those books here.

Author dashboards

Want to double-check the details on a promotion you've already submitted?

Please note if you used the guest checkout feature to set up your free promotion, it will not be visible in your author dashboard. 

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Do you accept new releases, pre-orders or box sets? Yes.

Can I promote my book in more than one genre? Yes, you can reach subscribers in an additional genre at one-half of the regular price. Please note that if a subscriber has selected both genres you list your book, it will appear only once in that subscriber's personalized email. This eliminates duplication and helps reduce the size of the email file.

Do you promote erotic romance novels? Yes, if they're tastefully done and the couples are consenting adults. Our erotic romance section is opt-in -- readers must check it off specifically to receive it.  

What's your policy on subtitles for nonfiction books? If it appears in large type on your book's cover, we'll include that in the title area. We'll include subtitles as space allows but please be reasonable. Don't ask us to run a subtitle with 20 words in it.

My book isn't live yet. Can I submit it now? Yes, we do this with a lot of new releases. Include 10 random digits for the ASIN and for the URL. Then just email us when the book is live with the new information and we'll update everything.


Goodreads links

Provide a link to your book's Goodreads page so readers can add it to their "to be read" list. Adding this link can generate sales weeks and even months after your promotion has run. Free.


You can pick the exact date of your promotion. Prefer weekends for your promotions? Just want the first available opening? You decide. 

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