How to rate the content in your book

Bolded is what you see on the book submission form. In italics is the description that readers see when they subscribe. The letter ratings at the end are from the American movie rating system -- if your book were a movie, it would be rated this.


Extensive profanity. Send me all books in the genres I've selected above. Frequent use of the f-word or any use of the c-word (either of them) or mother-******. R.

Mild profanity. Mild profanity doesn't bother me (includes books without profanity). Occasional use of hell, damn. The f-word once or twice. PG-13.

No profanity. Only books without profanity, please. G or PG.


Explicit descriptions of violence. Send me all books in the genres I've selected above. Reserved for deeply unsettling scenes, including scenes of torture, rape. or incest. Think “American Psycho,” "Hannibal," or most of Chuck Palahniuk’s work.

Extensive violence. Books with extensive violence don't bother me (includes both settings below). If a character dies a violent death, it should get this rating. Suicides also merit this rating. R.

Mild violence. A little gunfire is okay (includes setting below). Fistfights, some gunfire. PG-13.

No violence. Only books without violence, please. G or PG.

Sexual content

Explicit descriptions of sexual acts. Send me all books in the genres I've selected above. Scenes that describe a couple having sex. All erotic romance automatically gets this rating. R or unrated.

Mild sexual content. Non-explicit scenes of sex are fine with me (includes setting below). Characters have sex but it’s off the page. PG-13.

No sexual content. Only books without sexual content, please. Kissing and affection but nothing steamy. G or PG-13.

As always, if you are uncertain, err on the conservative side. That's worked well so far for us. And, of course, feel free to ask me questions anytime.