Editing services

Make your next project shine with editing services from the professionals at The Fussy Librarian. As resolute defenders of the Oxford comma, we take editing seriously.

As every manuscript is different, we start by editing five pages for you — for free. This lets you see the quality of our editing and allows us to accurately estimate the time required for the project.  

Copy editing

You may have a great story, but let us help you polish it. We'll fix grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, correct style inconsistencies, highlight areas where you might be overusing adjectives and adverbs, and offer solutions to overly complex sentences. If we find something that might be confusing to the reader, we'll leave a note for you.

All changes are tracked in Microsoft Word so you can decide whether to accept them. 


Has someone already edited the manuscript, but you've made revisions and now need a fresh pair of eyes? Proofreading will catch grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.  It does not involve rewriting, although we will leave you notes in any passages we find confusing.

All changes are tracked in Microsoft Word. 


On a tight deadline and need help to finish on time? We can track down the experts to answer your most challenging questions.


Fact checking

Could they have eaten Waldorf salad in 1890? Were the Germans occupying Poland in 1940? We can find the answers and help you avoid embarrassments that can sink your novel or book. You can hand us a list of things to check (much cheaper and faster), or we can read the manuscript and check facts as we come across them.


Service rates (estimates)

Copy editing: 1 cent per word.
Proofreading: 0.5 cent per word.

We can give you a precise estimate once we've seen your manuscript.

** Click here to inquire about availability and get a free sample edit. **


"I recently worked with Sadye Scott-Hainchek for proofreading and she did a beautiful job. I’ve worked with a lot of proofreaders and she really was one of the best."

 Annika Martin, New York Times bestselling romance author.