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For authors with limited funds, book marketing on Instagram is highly recommended. Discover seven budget-friendly Instagram book marketing tips worth applying.

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The Benefits of Book Marketing on Instagram 

There’s no question that authors have a lot to gain by being on social media. But there are many advantages to book marketing on Instagram, in particular. If you’re looking to make the greatest impact possible with your social media efforts, Instagram is worth prioritizing.

Here’s why… 

You can reach a large number of potential fans. 

According to recent data from Statista, Instagram has about one billion active monthly users. And of those users, roughly 70% are under 34 years old. So, if your target audience is in a younger age group, being on Instagram will allow you to get exposure to a large number of potential fans.

You can engage followers in various ways. 

Instagram has a long list of tools and features available — from Instagram Reels to Instagram Stories countdown stickers. Instead of posting the same thing day in and day out, you can mix things up to keep your page fresh and interesting. That way, you can encourage more engagement from your followers. 

You can make your valuable time count. 

Marketing is an important (and unavoidable) part of being an author. But that doesn’t mean you should spend every waking moment promoting yourself and your work.

You do have to keep writing and fulfilling your other responsibilities, after all… 

The great thing about book marketing on Instagram is that it allows you to make your valuable time count. By being strategic in how you use the platform — focusing on connecting with your audience and posting regularly — you can get more out of your efforts. 

You can leverage the power of visual media.

Research has shown that people process images between 6 and 600 times faster than language. So, when you’re trying to promote anything — especially a book, which is usually composed primarily of words — using visual media can work in your favor. 

With Instagram, this is easy. It remains one of the most highly visual social media platforms out there, as it prioritizes photos and videos. 

You can market your book (and yourself) for less.

Spreading the word about your work while sticking to your marketing budget is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. But that’s why book marketing on Instagram is so highly recommended. The platform isn’t as saturated as others, which means there’s still a good opportunity to get free, organic exposure. 

Even when it comes to creating content for the platform, there are plenty of budget-friendly Instagram book marketing tips you can use to keep costs down. 

7 Budget-Friendly Instagram Book Marketing Tips 

Now that you understand the benefits of using Instagram, you’re likely wondering how to do so in an easy and affordable manner. That’s why we compiled the following list of Instagram book marketing tips to help you get started. 

Here are some ways to make the most of the platform without breaking the bank…

Take Pictures of Your Book in Relevant Settings 

Posting relevant and high-quality visual content is key to marketing on Instagram. That’s why the first on our list of Instagram book marketing tips is simple: Take pictures of your book in relevant settings. 

It’s more creative than just sharing a picture of your book resting on a bare table. Additionally, adding physical elements that relate to your book can help readers understand what it’s about and pique their interest. 

So, think about what nearby places would serve as a suitable background. And if that proves to be difficult, consider using props. Don’t worry about not having a fancy camera either. Your phone should work just fine.

Note: Even if your book isn’t available in print, you can still apply this tip. Simply display the cover on your Kindle or another device. 

Create Graphics of Teaser Quotes 

Your book is likely full of funny, educational, or poignant quotes that readers would find interesting. So, highlight them in graphic form for an eye-catching Instagram post. In the caption, give people some context and let them know how to get your book. 

This is a great way to share a little something about your book and leave readers wanting to learn more. Plus, it’s very easy to do with a free tool like Canva. 

Post Behind-the-Scenes Photos 

If your goal is to leverage book marketing on Instagram to sell more books, you need to focus on building a community of readers. A big part of that involves inviting readers in and showing them your authentic self. And that’s where posting behind-the-scenes photos comes in.

Give readers a glimpse into your life by sharing pictures of your writing space, work in progress, or research process. You can even post a photo of your pet “helping you” with your next book.  

Use Appropriate Hashtags 

Using appropriate hashtags consistently is one of the most important Instagram book marketing tips to follow.


  • It can increase your profile growth. 

  • It can help you build your author brand. 

  • It makes it easier for readers to find you. 

That’s why you should create hashtags for posts about yourself and your book. Further, you should apply a handful of those that are relevant and popular (e.g., #booklover, #booksofinstagram). The Kindlepreneur even has a free Hashtag Generator you can use to find the right hashtags for your post. 

Share Reader Content 

User-generated content is not only free but also incredibly powerful. That’s why you should use it to your advantage whenever possible. 

If one of your followers posts a review, an image of themselves reading your book, or a picture of you together at an event, share it on your own page.

Just make sure to get the individual’s permission and tag them in the post. 

Poll Your Followers on Interesting Topics 

Did you know you can create a poll on Instagram? This feature works inside Instagram Stories to encourage greater interaction with users. With it, you can ask questions and gain valuable feedback from your followers. 

Here are some ideas… 

  • Post a split image of two potential covers to see which your followers like best.

  • Ask followers what type of content they want to see more of on your page. 

  • Learn which character from your book readers liked best. 

Consider polling your followers every so often and asking some fun questions too.

Go Live for a Q&A 

As far as Instagram book marketing tips go, this one tends to be the most intimidating, especially for shy authors. However, getting on camera to answer questions from your followers is an excellent means of building a relationship with them. Plus, taking an informal approach can make you feel more at ease while encouraging your followers to engage.   


If you’re an author, especially a self-published one with a limited marketing budget, Instagram is a great place to be. This visual platform can help you promote yourself and your work to your target audience. So, use the Instagram book marketing tips we provided above and get started!

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