Posted on May 18, 2019 at 12:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Gretchen Rubin divides the world into four types of people, depending on how they respond to internal and external expectations.

Upholders respond well to both expectations; obligers, to external ones only.

If this describes your approach to writing, then we may have an app for you.

It’s called The Most Dangerous Writing App, and it asks you to either set a time or word goal.

And then it’s up to you to write — nonstop — until you reach your goal, at which point you can save and download your work.

Pausing for more than five seconds, however, results in all of your work being lost.

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Guess I can't stop to think or correct a word or rewrite a sentence.
Margaret Lake | 7/3/19 at 4:32 PM
Good gracious, I just tried the app. It literally deletes everything after seconds, and not just the last sentence you wrote. IT. DELETES. EVERYTHING!!!! I actually like it, to be honest, I'm going to start using this to get my word count out during 500-word or 15-minute writing springs.
Cody Smith | 5/24/19 at 8:07 AM
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