Posted on 10/01/2020 at 12:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

You may be among those who have recently become aware of a publisher called Europe Books (not to be confused with Europa).

If so — or actually, even if not — you’ll want to read Victoria Strauss’s post on it over at Writer Beware.

Strauss says the Europe Books website might look like that of a traditional publisher, but that there are a number of red flags that should inspire some sense of caution.

To see those warning signs in action and hopefully remember them so you can recognize them elsewhere, head over to the post on Writer Beware.

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I was also received a proposal from Europe Books. I must also purchase 250 books. Is this a scam.
Judy Van Rooyen | 09/02/2021 at 06:25 AM
Good day. I received an offer from Europe Books. They ask me 2, 780.00 GBP (I have to buy 200 copies of my own novel) to publish my work. They said that they will promote my work in Conoscere TV and different book fairs. The contract says that I am the only holder of the rights of my novel but later said that the author (me) gives the exclusive rights of exploitation and economic use of my work for 2 years. The work dissemination on paper will be entrusted by Vine House Distribution ltd and its wholesalers. I read about them in Do you consider them Vanity press and a scam? Best regards, Andrés Nieves.
Andrés Nieves Portillo | 07/29/2021 at 03:13 PM
question rather than comment: Europe Books has made an overture to a close friend, beginning with a "what impressed me in your work". Then follows a series of flattering comments such as "The swift, clear langauge of this powerful memoir keeps the reader glued to the pages til (sic) th very end"; remarkable use of the fast-paced dialogues that help us empathise with the protagonist and fully understand the significant expettiences that shaped who he is"; I also envision this book to be turned into a screenplay, should it be a sales success" . Is this typical of an overture from this firm? Or is my friend an extraordinarily gifted writer? He has sought my advice but I am an amateur in this field.
Rob Hofmeyr | 07/01/2021 at 09:49 AM
Hi guys, I also received a proposal and contract from Europe Books and am interested in hearing from other authors who have also received contracts. I too was asked to buy 200 books up front. Please help me to better understand the circumstances surrounding this opportunity. Any help is appreciated. Lisiate Tonga
Lisiate Tonga | 05/24/2021 at 02:30 AM
Hello guys, I summited my novel in Europe book. They ask me to buy 200 hundred copy. But also i want to ask if is this normal in other publishing company.
Yusuph | 05/01/2021 at 11:42 PM
Hi Ted, yes, Writer Beware would say you're right to be concerned and would strongly recommend steering clear of this deal. Please read the Writer Beware post in full if you're even considering their offers (which, again, they advise against):
Sadye at Fussy | 01/29/2021 at 10:42 AM
I am a little confused. My book, "Song For Ireland" a historical novel of the famous rebellion against the /Crown, a 560 page epic, taking seven years to produce has become most attractive to Europe Books, also names itself Europa Edizioni, Roma, who say they represent all of Europe and now US. Like you mention, I am to buy 200 copies, which I know would sell in a day, my donation to be just under 6,000 Euro.. They name Pope Francis, Mr. Obama and some very important artists and composers. They email me at least once a week to push for a reply, in the name of their representative, Antonio Potenzo, editor.. My book was self published and is perfectly edited, covered and produced, won first prize in self published competition and was mentioned and I was interviewed on National radio, as a book for the eighty million diaspora in US, UK and beyond. Think am wasting my time with Europe or Europa. Book Clubs loved it. A Copy of "Song For Ireland" is in the county library of EMERY COUNTY, Utah USA and will be on it's way to White House, to Joe Biden, a Son Of Ireland".Sincerely Ted Emery.
Ted Emery | 01/28/2021 at 05:09 PM
いi also receivrd
Laxon bwansboza | 01/11/2021 at 01:04 PM
Hi Lisa, the upfront purchase of books is a major red flag for Writer Beware. A direct quote from them: "Writer Beware endorses self-publishing, which can be a good choice depending on your needs and goals--but we never recommend vanity publishing. We consider Europe Books a vanity publisher. If you want to discuss this more, or have other questions, feel free to email me:"
Sadye at Fussy | 01/06/2021 at 02:13 PM
Europe Books just sent me a publishing contract. It all sounds great but they want the author to buy the first 200 books, at 16.50 pounds each. Is this normal?
Lisa Corra | 01/06/2021 at 11:40 AM
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