Posted on October 1, 2020 at 12:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

You may be among those who have recently become aware of a publisher called Europe Books (not to be confused with Europa).

If so — or actually, even if not — you’ll want to read Victoria Strauss’s post on it over at Writer Beware.

Strauss says the Europe Books website might look like that of a traditional publisher, but that there are a number of red flags that should inspire some sense of caution.

To see those warning signs in action and hopefully remember them so you can recognize them elsewhere, head over to the post on Writer Beware.

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I have published 2 books and both publishers did not ask to purchase my own books .They took only 6 months to publish. Europe book is a claimed by some writers. I began to believe after parting with my money! I received a call in October 2020 from Antonio ( I submitted my manuscript thinking I wanted to try sales of my books further than Singapore and Malaysia)I was excited when he said he was attracted by my travels. On hign sight he did not read the whole manuscript as it was not a travel book.,At that time I did not realise or thought it was a ploy. II signed a 2 year contract in Novemeber 2020 and with much regrets this is August 2022 nothing heard from them besides the guy Auntonia who never answered mails after money in their hand.. The irony the book cover design was a suck so I got my brother an award winning designer to design my cover.. The modest Operandi "You don't bother us!" Now November 2022 would be exactly 2 years therefore you cant demand any answers if your book not promoted or marketed in UK ,Europe and US by them as contract would expire by November anyway. There is no prove if Jules Distributor UK even distribute your books. My brother-in-law in London would constantly call their office ,no reply!!!. I plead to all budding writers stay away from Europe books.
hafsah Ali | 8/28/22 at 6:03 PM
Early in the year I signed a contract with Europe Books to publish my first novel. I accepted that it was effectively a vanity publisher but I was willing to pay for the editing services they promised. Since the summary included with their offer to publish was so thorough, I fully expected a meaningful read with comments. As noted by an earlier Poster, they do not understand the difference between proofreading and editing. Consequently, I exercised my right under the contract to reclaim all rights in the Work, and since I refuse to approve/consent to any of their required publishing processes (layout, etc.) they cannot legally publish the book. Since they cannot publish it will be legally impossible for them to produce the 200 copies of the book that I prepair, so I have demanded return of my 4,700GB. Since they are neither returning the moneys or even responding I am hiring local Rome legal counsel to make a demand for either the moneys or Arbitration.
Peter N Duhamel | 8/21/22 at 3:19 AM
Let me add to all the comments. If you are approached by someone called Victoria who does a great show of having read your book and being enthusiastic about it - delete all contact with her. Europe Books is a scam. I am a small publisher and when I started to ask some questions the promised contract did not arrive. Victoria and her gang knew they had been rumbled.
babette gallard | 7/28/22 at 7:31 AM
Reading all these replies, it appears Europe books is a con. I have looked at many reviews about this firm, after receiving an offer to publish. They were 5star reviews. Now I am totally confused about what to do.
Carol | 7/13/22 at 5:54 PM
I'm an editor and was approached by a writer who has been sucked into the Europe Books scam. She paid a huge sum upfront, and was told the editing process would take no more than a month. A full year later and the 'editing: is incomplete and unsatisfactory. She asked me if I would help her. I looked at the so-called editing. It is nothing of the sort. EB seems unaware that proofreading and substantive editing are two different things. What'smore the so-called editor clearly is out of her depth with this book and her 'corrections,' as she refers to them, are superficial and, in many cases, wrong.. She is also unaware of nuances in English, and shows no acquaintance with important elements of good writing. Furthermore, instead of marking up the manuscript and using the Track Changes feature, she sent her 'corrections'in a separate' Table of Corrections.' I have been given only a PDF of the ms and it is apparently the completed, edited script. As it stands, it still needs a massive amount of substantive editing as well as thorough proofreading. I asked for the original Word document so that I can properly edit the document as PDFs cannot be edited, other than by making sticky notes on spelling etc errors. EB refuse to give it to me, saying the book has already been type set and that I will have to send a 'Table of Corrections'. This is sheer rubbish. It is impossible to do a full and proper edit in this way and will take a huge amount of time.. Since when is a book type set before it has been fully edited? The writer did not sign off the edits. This company is a trap, and an expensive one at that. They're smooth who prey on naive people and when asked important questions, side step those and, in my experience, stonewall a person asking such revealing questions.
Joy | 6/18/22 at 2:37 AM
I was also approached by Europe books, and I sussed it immediately. Just ignore them is my advice. Persistence can pay off, remember that 98% of the replies you receive will be rejections. Don’t take it personally just keep writing and rewriting and get on with it. Good luck
MARTIN KING | 4/28/22 at 11:57 AM
I have been pursued by Europe books and know they are a vanity press and will make me buy my books. Are there more legitimate vanity presses another writer could recommend. I have been trying to publish for 2 years.
Jean Varda | 4/21/22 at 7:17 AM
The contract price per book offered by these unimaginative folks is a bit higher than if I formatted the book manuscript myself and had it printed by a local shop like LuLu. But I certainly would not buy 200 copies. While the marketing plan is robust I have no way of policing what they actually do. I'd rather take a European Vacation with that money.
Tony Zaza | 3/9/22 at 9:32 AM
I read through the comments with much indignation. I really do need a publisher for my script. So Europe books are not guys to be trusted. What do we do¡
Elate Fotoh Tobias | 12/16/21 at 11:45 PM
Same story here I just got excited but what burst my bubble was the 200 copies @12,50 GBP that I must buy and pay in one installment or in 5 monthly payments. Shoooo!! No thanks. I am so happy I decided to read on I was going to be doomed by this action.
POPAEA CORNELSON | 12/16/21 at 7:22 AM
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