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For an ebook to stand out on Amazon, a solid description that compels readers to buy is a must. Discover 7 Amazon book description tips you should apply to your own.

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Why You Need a Great Book Description 

When you decide to list your ebook on Amazon, you’re selling a product. And like any product, your book must be accompanied by a description.

Otherwise, readers will have no idea what your book is about, which means they’ll be less likely to buy it or even download it for free.

But it’s about more than just having a description — it’s about having a great one.

You can explain the story or topic as clearly and concisely as possible, but if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience, they’ll quickly click away from the page.

And as a result, you’ll end up losing potential readers instead of gaining new fans.  

When it comes down to it, you need a great book description if you want to increase sales and downloads (and chances are you do). 

Here’s a simplified explanation of the sales pathway on Amazon: 

  • Readers see your listing on the Amazon search page and click on your book detail page. 

  • They read the description and decide to look inside the book. 

  • Enjoying what they’ve read so far, they click on the “Buy now” button. 

Of course, they’ll never move past step 2 if your book description doesn’t stop them in their tracks. So, it’s clear your book description is one piece of the puzzle you shouldn’t disregard.

That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with Amazon book description tips and follow them accordingly.  

7 Valuable Amazon Book Description Tips 

There’s a lot of information out there about how to optimize your book description for your Amazon listing. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the advice.

So, to help you out, we put together a list of seven valuable Amazon book description tips you should keep in mind.

Ready? Then let’s begin... 

1) Research What Others Are Doing 

First things first, you should do some research into what other authors are doing with their book descriptions. More specifically, you should look at those within your genre.

The easiest way to do this is by going to the Kindle store, selecting your category, choosing the subgenre that fits your book, and reviewing some of the descriptions for bestsellers in that niche. 

By researching what others are doing — and doing well — you can get a sense of what’s attracting your audience.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should copy someone else’s book description.

Instead, try to pick out similarities in layout, wording, special formatting, etc. Then, apply those characteristics to your own description. 

2) Expand on Your Book Blurb

We’ve talked about crafting an attention-grabbing book blurb before. And if you’ve already written one for your book, you have a great piece of content to work with.

However, instead of just using the blurb as is, you should consider expanding on it and working it into your description.  

Many authors start out the description with the blurb. Written properly, it should serve to pique a reader’s interest enough to check out the full description.

As there’s more space available on the book detail page, you can add to it for maximum impact. 

3) Aim to Evoke an Emotional Response 

The most successful book descriptions are those that strike a chord with readers. So, as you work on your own, write as if you were speaking directly to them.

Use powerful words that evoke an emotional response. However, make sure the language and tone still fit what’s inside your book. 

A big part of book marketing — on Amazon and beyond — is understanding your target audience. More than that, you need to know how to tap into their emotions.

By making people feel something while they read your description, you can increase the likelihood of them taking the next step. 

4) Incorporate Relevant Keywords 

One of the most important Amazon book description tips to keep in mind is that you should incorporate relevant keywords.

Keywords play a major role in searches. If you don’t include them in your description, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to draw in readers! 

After you’ve conducted some keyword research, integrate phrases that relate to your ebook. Of course, you want the description to read naturally, so avoid trying to fit in a bunch of keywords.

You can also feature reviews that mention some of your top keywords (but more on that a little later).  

(Note: If you’ve written a great book blurb and plan on working it into the longer description on your Amazon book details page, you should already have some keywords included.)

5) Ensure It’s Scannable 

Readers don’t read product descriptions the same way they read books. That’s why you need to be sure the description on your book details page is scannable.

Otherwise, you run the risk of people clicking away because they couldn’t get a clear understanding of what your book is about with a brief glance. 

By formatting your text with...

  • Headings 

  • Short sentences

  • Bold text

  • Bullet points

  • Icons

  • Italics can make it much easier for potential readers to consume. 

(Need help formatting your description? The Kindlepreneur's Book Description Generator lets you code your text with ease.)

6) Make the Final Line Count 

Although the first sentence or two of your description should serve as a hook (just like in your blurb), that doesn’t mean the last line should go neglected.

After all, it’s the last thing people will read before deciding whether to take the next step. So, this line should encourage them to act.  

Leave them with unanswered questions so they have to read the book. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cliffhanger, but it should have them wanting more.

If they’re not wondering, “What’s next?” chances are they won’t feel the urge to get your ebook.        

7) Include Some Top Reviews 

Of all the Amazon book description tips out there, this one tends to get overlooked most often. But make no mistake — reader reviews are incredibly valuable to your marketing efforts.

And if you don’t include some in the description on your Amazon book details page, you’re missing out on the chance to give potential readers social proof your ebook is worth reading.

The placement of your reviews matters less than the quality. So, add the strongest reviews from your most dedicated fans — ones that get others excited about reading your book.

And if you have a variety to choose from, focus on those that feature the keywords you want to target. Or, if possible, reach out to reviewers to get their permission to make slight revisions.  


Creating a solid book description that encourages readers to buy or download your ebook for free can be a challenge.

However, it’s something you can’t afford to overlook — not if you want to increase sales and downloads.

So, use the Amazon book description tips above for guidance and get to work! 

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