Posted on 02/08/2021 at 02:35 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

We’re positive that by now, you’re almost as sick of looks back at 2020 as you were of 2020 itself.

And we’re sorry for that, but we promise there’s a logical reason that we’re sharing Kris Rusch’s business musings post on the toll of 2020.

Namely, it’s because the post isn’t just commentary on how terrible the year was (though it certainly addresses that) or a pep talk on how it’s okay to have struggled creatively during it (though that, too, is covered).

It’s a glance at the future and what we might expect to see in those who lived through — are still living through — lockdowns.

As Rusch points out, children whose educations have been negatively affected, whether it’s from remote learning, economic struggles of a parent, the general trauma of a pandemic, may not become the passionate readers that they could’ve been otherwise.

And speaking of that trauma — we’re all feeling it in some way, and the extent of it won’t be known until the crisis is firmly over.

Rusch isn't trying to scare us all, though. She offers up these observations as both an acknowledgment of what we’re facing but also as an opportunity for the writing community to help the world heal.

Skeptical? Trust us, she has suggestions both big and small, direct and indirect, in her recent post.

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