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Want to sell more books? Including Amazon editorial reviews on your sales page can help. Learn how to get, add, and use editorial reviews to your advantage.

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What Is an Editorial Review on Amazon?

An editorial review on Amazon is a critique of a book written by a non-customer.

This type of evaluation can be found in the Editorial Reviews section, which appears above the Customer Reviews section of a book’s Amazon page.

Typically, such a review is provided by one of the following:

  • An editor

  • A fellow author

  • An expert in the field

  • A blogger

  • A media outlet

Amazon editorial reviews are not the same as customer reviews, which means they have their own set of rules and guidelines.

Why Are Editorial Book Reviews Important?

Editorial book reviews on Amazon help your book’s sales page perform better.

If you’re just starting out and your fan base is relatively small, convincing readers to buy your book can be challenging.

You need to use every tool at your disposal to make your book stand out on Amazon — from writing a great description to highlighting your most complimentary reviews. 

Amazon editorial reviews provide potential readers with additional social proof that your book is worth purchasing.

Because they (generally) come from authoritative sources, they can carry more weight than regular customer reviews.

Make no mistake — if the Editorial Reviews section exists on your book’s page, those considering your book will look at what was said, who said it, and why the reviewer is qualified to talk about your book. 

Moreover, these reviews can be used beyond the Editorial Reviews section to promote your book.

Here are just some of the places you can include editorial book reviews:

  • On your book cover

  • In a book trailer

  • On social media

  • On your website

  • On print materials

When it comes down to it, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of editorial reviews in promoting your book on Amazon and beyond. 

How to Get Editorial Reviews

If you’re a self-published author, you may struggle with getting editorial reviews, especially in the beginning. But it’s not an impossible task.

It just requires you to put time and effort into connecting with others in the book industry — ideally, those who have clout already and whose work relates to your own.

To ensure your Editorial Reviews section has the maximum impact on potential readers, you need to start collecting written evaluations from people and organizations with authority as early on as possible. 

Some ways to get Amazon editorial reviews include the following:

  • Talk to other authors in your genre by connecting with them online. 

  • Submit your book to review sites that specialize in your genre. 

  • Look for those who’ve endorsed other books like yours.

  • Contact people with expertise in your book’s subject matter.

  • Engage with popular book bloggers in your niche. 

Always be polite and prepare in advance when asking for a review.

Read through the submission guidelines (if provided) so that you know exactly what’s required. And if you’re asking for feedback from an individual, create an outreach script beforehand. 

Your chances of getting editorial reviews increase when you take the time to build rapport with other authors and literary influencers. So, always be on the lookout for opportunities to develop relationships. 

7 Steps to Add Amazon Editorial Reviews

As discussed previously, editorial reviews can (and should) be used in several ways.

But once you’ve gathered a handful of glowing recommendations, you’ll want to add them to the most obvious place first: your book’s Amazon page. The good news is it’s a straightforward process. 

1. Log in to your Amazon Author Central account

2. Once you’re at your dashboard, click on the Books tab in the top menu. 

3. Select the book you want to add Amazon editorial reviews for. (Note: If there are multiple versions of your book, you’ll need to add the reviews to each one.)

4. Choose the Editorial Reviews tab and click on the Add button. 

5. Using the text box provided, add your editorial reviews according to Amazon’s guidelines. 

6. Preview your entry to make sure you’re happy with the way it looks. 

7. Once you’re done formatting your reviews, click Save Changes. 

And that’s it. Just remember that you’ll need to repeat this process if there are multiple versions of your book. 

Also, keep in mind that Amazon editorial reviews don’t display immediately. They typically show up within a day or so. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Editorial Reviews

When you go to add editorial reviews to your book’s sales page, you’ll notice guidelines above the text box. It’s essential to follow these to avoid having your reviews rejected.

However, there are other best practices to apply as well. To make the most of your Amazon editorial reviews, consider the following dos and don’ts. 

  • Credit the source of each review after the quote.

  • Ensure quotes from outside reviews follow “fair use” copyright guidelines.

  • Aim for 1-2 sentences or 600 characters per review. 

  • Put reviews from the most noteworthy sources at the top.

  • Format your reviews to make them stand out. (Tip: You can use the Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator to get the necessary code for stylizing your reviews.)

  • Avoid repetition in reviews (i.e., make sure the quotes you pull are different). 

  • Include any links, promotional or otherwise. 

  • Add any contact information. 

  • Use time-sensitive statements.

  • Include price information for the book.

  • Allow any profanity or hateful content. 

  • Paraphrase editorial reviews. 


If you don’t already have Amazon editorial reviews on your book’s page, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to generate more sales.

Along with reader reviews, written evaluations from reputable sources can go a long way toward establishing your credibility and convincing people to get your book.

So, use the tips provided and the steps outlined to start adding editorial reviews to each book’s Amazon page today. You’ll be glad you did.

(Don’t forget — getting plenty of positive customer reviews is important for your book’s Amazon page too. To encourage more readers to download your ebook and share their thoughts, offer a giveaway and promote it in our free-ebook newsletter!)

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