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Many authors are getting creative with the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon. Learn how adding Amazon A+ Content can make your KDP book page stand out.

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What Is the “From the Publisher” Section on Amazon? 

If you’ve spent any time checking out other book listings, you’re probably familiar with the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon.

Basically, it’s an extra space on a book’s sales page used to feature marketing materials and other assets that don’t fit elsewhere.

The content placed in this area is called A+ Content, and it allows you to make a book stand out with the following:

  • Images 

  • Text

  • Comparison tables 

As the name suggests, the “From the Publisher” section is typically used by publishers to enhance their clients’ book pages. However, traditionally published authors are not the only ones who can benefit from this additional space.

In August of 2021, Amazon rolled out the A+ Content feature, giving KDP authors the opportunity to use it to their advantage as well.

It’s worth noting that the section’s location can vary.

But in most cases, it can be found underneath the book cover, description, buy button, and related products carousel. This means readers must scroll down the page to see the content in this section.

That said, it’s still prominently displayed on the page, so authors should consider making the most of it.

How You Can Benefit from Adding Content to This Section 

Chances are you’ve already taken steps to market your Kindle book.

But if you haven’t done anything with the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. After all, even minor changes can boost your book’s Amazon listing for better results.

By taking advantage of this valuable real estate on the sales page, you can improve your efforts even further.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit: 

You can drive more traffic to the page. 

As you know, bringing traffic to your book’s sales page is essential. Better visibility means greater chances of getting readers to buy. But it can also be challenging to do.

The good news is that adding Amazon A+ Content to the “From the Publisher” section can improve your book’s discoverability.

You can reduce negative reviews. 

The last thing any author wants is a bunch of negative reviews on their book’s sales page.

Unfortunately, it happens. But a good way to decrease the frequency is by providing readers with as many details as possible so that they know what to expect going in.

And the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon allows you to do just that. 

You can increase book sales. 

Research has shown that adding Amazon A+ Content to a page can help increase sales by an average of 5.6%.

So, if you want to increase book sales (and what author doesn’t?), you should definitely make use of the content capabilities in the “From the Publisher” section. It will be well worth the effort!

5 Creative Ways to Use the “From the Publisher” Section 

As mentioned previously, there are a few options for the Amazon A+ Content you can add to the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon. These include text, images, and tables.

With these options, along with the 17 modules you can use to design your layout, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Here are just a few creative ways to use this section based on best practices and routes other authors have taken: 

As a Billboard 

Many authors have opted to treat the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon as an additional billboard-type space. Consider designing a series of eye-catching graphics related to your book, including the tagline or an excerpt from the story. Such panels can be added to this section using the Standard Image + Light Text Overlay or Standard Image + Dark Text Overlay module.

Source: A Princess Tale: Poseidon Kingdom by D.L. Akosua

To Highlight Editorial Reviews 

As you know, editorial reviews can go a long way toward convincing potential readers that your book is worth reading.

That’s why you should use the positive feedback you’ve received in as many assets as possible, including the “From the Publisher” section of your book’s sales page.

To make an editorial review stand out even more, try using the Standard Image + Light Text Overlay or Standard Image + Dark Text Overlay module. You could also highlight multiple glowing reviews side by side as individual images.

Source: Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty 

To Feature a Series 

If you’ve written a series of books, you can list the other titles on a book’s sales page in the “Books in This Series” section. However, it’s also beneficial to feature them in your “From the Publisher” section.

With A+ Content, you can do this in a couple of different ways, including a Comparison Chart, Standard Four Image + Text, Standard Four Image/Text Quadrant, or Standard Multiple Image Module A.

Source: Girl Missing by Kate Gable 

To Offer a Sample of Your Book 

Another way to take advantage of the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon is to provide people with a sample of the book.

If your work is highly visual, you can add images from the book and include descriptions to give context. This is a great approach for nonfiction titles such as cookbooks, and it can be achieved by using a Standard Three Image + Text module, for example.


As an Introduction to Characters

Finally, if you want to bring potential readers into your story right away, you could also include an introduction to the characters in the “From the Publisher” section.

Consider adding images of your characters with brief descriptions of who they are. One method of doing this is using the Standard Multiple Image Module A.


What Amazon Guidelines to Keep in Mind 

To use the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon correctly, you also need to follow the rules and guidelines that have been set for A+ Content. 

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Don’t include pricing or promotional details in any of the A+ Content.

  • Avoid putting customer reviews in this section. 

  • Do not mention time-sensitive information. 

  • Make sure to include the name of the publication/public figure in editorial reviews.

  • A maximum of four quotes or endorsements is allowed. 

  • Comparison charts can only be used for your own work. 

  • Web links and language attempting to redirect to other sites are prohibited. 

  • Do not use offensive language in content. 

  • Do not reference off-Amazon customer service or contact information. 

For a complete list, including formatting requirements, review the A+ Content guidelines in their entirety. 


As you can see, there are several ways to use the “From the Publisher” section on Amazon to your advantage. And there are many benefits to doing so.

If you haven’t explored the capabilities yet, now is the time! Find additional instructions here

(Once you’ve improved your book’s sales page by adding this section, encourage new readers to check it out! Offer your ebook for free and promote it in our newsletter!)

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Hi Sadye, very interesting article. Can you point me in the direction of where I might find a designer to create something for me? I've looked at the amazon info and it is definitely beyond my design skills! Plus, if I am going to do it, I want it to look really good. Thank you, Linda
Linda | 1/11/22 at 4:41 AM
Hi Steve! Have you followed these instructions on how to add the From the Publisher section?
Sadye @ Fussy | 12/20/21 at 7:54 AM
I cannot find a "From the publisher" section anywhere on my book page. I have looked all over.
Steve Bartholomew | 12/19/21 at 12:40 PM
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