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Are you feeling discouraged about the low number of books you’ve sold? There may be some tactics worth trying! Discover 7 creative ways to sell more books. 

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Why It Pays to Think Outside the Box 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it here — achieving success as a self-published author is no easy feat.

Having to do all the work to sell your book is one of the biggest challenges in self-publishing. For starters, you may be unsure about the best way to put your book out there and encourage readers to buy it. Plus, you don’t have the same resources and connections a publishing house has. 

However, what you do have is the opportunity to think outside the box.

As a self-published author, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to marketing. You develop and execute your own marketing plan. And that means you can explore new ways of reaching your target audience.

Here are just some of the benefits of using more unique methods to spread the word and sell your book:  

You can stand out from the crowd.

Most authors — self-published and traditionally published alike — take a similar approach to promote their work.

Of course, you don’t want to deviate completely from what’s proven effective. But by using creative ways to sell more books, you can stand out from others and garner attention from readers.    

You can keep marketing costs down. 

Marketing your book requires an investment, but you likely want to keep costs as low as possible. And that’s one of the great things about getting creative with your efforts.

When you use methods that aren’t quite as popular but still allow you to get in front of your target audience, you spend less on exposure. 

You can forge a deeper connection with readers.

Finding creative ways to sell more books usually involves going straight to the source — your target audience. And that kind of close interaction can pay off in the long run.

By putting yourself and your work in front of readers (and engaging with them), you can begin building a true community of fans.  

You can tailor your efforts to your strengths.

In general, consistent education and practice are necessary to get the marketing side of things down. But there may also be some tactics that you’re just not thrilled about or comfortable with.

By venturing outside the norm, you can find unique ways to reach readers and sell your book that fit your strengths.

7 Creative Ways to Sell More Books 

There’s no shortage of advice about how to increase book sales — by building out a marketing funnel, for example.

But while such recommendations shouldn’t be ignored, you’re undoubtedly looking for more specific tips. And the good news is we’ve got you covered. 

So, without further ado, here are 7 creative ways to sell more books...   

1) Develop a Presence on Twitch. 

Twitch is a video live streaming service that has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years. You may even be familiar with it already. Although it’s primarily used by gamers, Twitch offers a lot of potential for authors too

For starters, the platform has 140 million active users — 73% of which are under 35. So, it offers the opportunity to reach a lot of people. And if your target audience fits the same demographics, it’s a new territory worth exploring. 

Here are some ideas to leverage the platform:

  • Do an author event.

  • Host a Q&A session.

  • Talk about the research behind your book.

  • Interview other authors. 

If you happen to love video games, Twitch is also the perfect place to play and chat with your audience.

Taking this kind of informal approach gives you the chance to be your authentic self and really connect with the community you’ve built.   

2) Offer a Free Gift with Purchase. 

Even if your book is priced on the low side, readers may be hesitant to buy it, so it wouldn’t hurt to offer an incentive.

But before you start scrambling to see what kind of swag your budget will allow, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything big or flashy.

For instance, you can design a digital bookmark that readers can print out, provide an excerpt of a new title that’s yet to be released, or share a stand-alone short story. 

3) Guest Post on Relevant Sites. 

If you’re having a hard time coming up with creative ways to sell more books, consider using guest blogging to your advantage.

By offering valuable content to relevant sites, you can extend your reach to readers who may otherwise miss your work. Further, you can showcase your skills and build credibility.

That said, it’s important to approach guest blogging the right way. 

  • Contact other authors, book blogs, and niche sites that make sense to collaborate with.

  • Check if a site would be willing to accept a submission from you. 

  • Frame your blog around a topic that the site’s readers would find interesting.

  • Put time and effort into creating a high-quality post that delivers value.

  • Make sure to follow the site’s guidelines for guest posts.

Although you should include a link to your book (as long as the site’s guidelines allow it), any guest blog you create should not primarily be about your book and how great it is.

Instead, it should be about a subject you have expertise in that would serve the site’s audience.

4) Answer Questions on Quora. 

As a self-published author, you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of knowledge you have to offer.

For starters, you’ve naturally acquired a lot of insight into writing and publishing. Further, you may have done significant research for your book.

In that case, you should share some of the things you’ve learned on Quora — a major social question-and-answer site.

Here’s what to do... 

  • Build a profile on Quora.

  • Include a link to your book in your bio.

  • Search for questions related to your expertise. 

Helping others learn something new or solve a problem gives you credibility. And the fact that you took the time to respond to an individual question reflects well on you.

So, when you have a link to your book, those who read your response may be more inclined to check it out and buy it. 

5) Connect with Book Clubs. 

Book clubs are always on the hunt for new reads (usually every month or more). This makes connecting with them worthwhile. Depending on the number of people in a club, you could sell quite a few copies of your book and bring in new lifelong fans.

You can search for in-person clubs in your area or virtual clubs on Google. Just make sure to get your pitch ready ahead of time. Be prepared to tell the leader what your book is about, why it’s worth reading, and what else you’re willing to offer. 

Some examples of things you may want to provide include the following: 

  • A discount to book club members

  • A handout with discussion questions

  • A live Q&A after the meeting 

6) Host Readings at Niche Events. 

A book reading may not sound like one of the most creative ways to sell more books, but it all depends on the location. Typically, readings take place in bookstores or libraries — or virtually through those establishments.

However, you can go beyond the norm by reading a chapter of your book at a niche event hosted by another organization.  

So, consider the subject matter of your book and to whom it may relate. Then, search for relevant clubs or facilities and see if you can schedule a reading.  

7) Create a Book Trailer. 

One of the most creative ways to sell more books is to spread the word in a more theatrical way — by producing a trailer for it. As much as we all love the written word, the power of video is something we shouldn’t ignore.

The good news is you don’t have to be a professional cinematographer to create a great book trailer. Even putting together a slideshow video with images, words, and music can go a long way toward encouraging people to buy your book. 


There are many creative ways to sell more books, so view the list above as a starting point. Choose the ones that fit your schedule, budget, strategy, and (yes) desire — or brainstorm your own! The most important thing is to look for opportunities to get in front of your target audience and pique their interest. 

Of course, the best way to position yourself and your book for greater sales is to ensure all your bases are covered. If you’re missing any of the basics, you’ll continue to be discouraged by your sales. Download The Ultimate Guide to Increased Book Sales to get the expert marketing advice you need!

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Most of these are the usual advice we read on FaceBook groups, etc... nothing innovative. One I'd pick at... videos. That ship has kind of sailed, people are getting sick of them. If you think you can make a difference with a vid....make it yourself, don't pay to have one done.
Linton H Robinson | 4/29/22 at 1:52 PM
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