Posted on March 22, 2023 at 9:00 AM by Jeffrey Bruner

The Fussy Librarian and Freebooksy have teamed up to offer a joint product that will let your free ebook reach more readers than ever before!

Fill out one form and your book will appear in both newsletters on the same day.

Books in the following genres are currently eligible for this promotion:

  • Mystery ($179)

  • Cozy mystery ($169)

  • Thriller ($179)

  • Science fiction ($127)

  • Fantasy ($165)

  • Romantic suspense ($179)

  • Paranormal romance ($152)

  • Horror ($78)

This is a trial product between our two companies, and it’s limited initially to these eight categories — one spot per genre per day. If it goes well we hope to expand the number of slots available.

We’re expecting this product will be popular with authors, so we recommend booking today before inventory sells out.

Book requirements (please read, as these requirements may differ from other Fussy Librarian promotions)

  • Books must be 50 pages or more.

  • Books cannot have been promoted on The Fussy Librarian or Freebooksy within the past 30 days.

  • The book must be free in the United States for the entire day of the promotion.

  • Retailers accepted include Amazon (Kindle), Nook, Apple, Google Play and Kobo. Books with links only to sites like Book Funnel or an author’s website are not eligible at this time.

  • Kindle Vella books are not eligible for this promotion.

  • Fussy Librarian coupons and sale prices are not eligible for this promotion.

Click here to schedule your bundle!

(Your order will be processed by Freebooksy / Written Word Media.)

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I'd want an historical fiction genre before I considered this, and I've always found Freebooksy's promotions disappointing, so not sure this would be a good fit for my books. Interesting idea though if rather expensive. I'll be intersted in feedback from authors after the event.
Ruth Coulson | 4/4/23 at 3:57 PM
Thanks, everyone, for reaching out! Here are the answers to your questions ... Marla: The orders are placed through Freebooksy's site, and you'll see them (and all of your past orders) there. C M: Yes, absolutely that's okay! Jill: We're starting with a limited number of genres so that we can test the waters, see what works, and see what we need to change ... including, yes, adding more genres in the future if that's warranted! Alexander: Some authors like to spread out promotions over different days and others like to maximize the number of downloads they get on one day in order to get a higher ranking and, therefore, greater organic reach from being higher on the chart. It will appeal to some authors and not others -- and that's totally fine :)
Sadye at Fussy | 4/3/23 at 8:13 AM
Will I still have my Freebooksy dashboard that lists past promos??
marla madison | 4/2/23 at 2:36 PM
Hi, I have booked both on separate dates in different months. Is this still okay? Best wishes C m neary
C M Neary | 4/1/23 at 5:37 AM
I was excited to see this as I use both of your services every month, however, I write contemporary romances and that category is not listed 🥲 Will you be adding it?
Jill Haymaker | 3/31/23 at 12:12 PM
I can do the same thing any day of the week at the same price, so what's the benefit except for saving a few minutes of setup? In my opinion, Freebooksy is overpriced and underperforms compared to Fussy Librarian and other sites. I really don't see how indie authors benefit from this at all.
Alexander Elliott | 3/31/23 at 12:06 PM
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