Posted on September 12, 2023 at 9:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

The publishing experts we follow have plenty of craft advice to offer. 

Here are the ones that we thought were can't-miss for our authors: 

  • Writing and producing audio drama: Joanna Penn and Joanne Phillips explain how this is different from audiobooks, then walk you through the entire process of creating and launching it (The Creative Penn).

  • The use and abuse of the "lampshading" technique: Writing coach Jami Gold explains how a writer might think they're providing justification for an improbable occurrence in fiction, whereas in reality, they're undermining their own work (Writers Helping Writers).

  • How to write a myth in three easy steps: And speaking of improbable ... Jason Hamilton clarifies what differentiates myths from other types of stories, like fables and fairytales, and what role they can fill within a bigger story, then lays out his process for creating them (Kindlepreneur).

  • How to write a grump readers will root for: Based on the titles alone, the grouch has become a popular — even desirable — character in fiction; author Sharon M. Peterson shares her tips for ensuring that readers love your sourpuss character as much as you do (Writer's Digest)

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