Posted on February 8, 2024 at 10:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

The publishing experts we follow have plenty of craft, marketing, and self-care advice to offer.

Here are the ones that we thought were can't-miss for our authors:

  • Diagnosing characters to write them like a doctor: Longtime health-care worker Marschall S. Runge explains the revelation he had when working on his debut thriller and how writers of other professional backgrounds can make it fit for them, too (Writer's Digest).

  • How to avoid explaining your novel: Kathryn Craft offers both tips for making your point clear without stating it and for allowing a reader-pleasing level of ambiguity (Writer Unboxed).

  • Author platform is not a requirement to sell your book: Jane Friedman takes on a recent Vox article, and while the beginning may not apply to indie authors, she does have a valuable-to-all section explaining what exactly platform is ... and isn't.

  • Why is book marketing so hard?: Marketing expert Lainey Cameron identifies what's likely stressing authors out about marketing and then shares what actually matters and what they should actually focus on (Women Writers, Women's Books).

  • Be your own valentine this year: And on that note, Angela Ackerman lists three ways writers can put themselves first and take care of themselves, applicable all year round but neatly connected to an upcoming Hallmark holiday (Writers Helping Writers). 

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