Posted on May 22, 2015 at 12:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

If Memorial Day has you looking for military-themed reading, The Fussy Librarian has you covered.

Popular in the media

“Band of Brothers” by Stephen E. Ambrose

“Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand

“American Sniper” by Chris Kyle

“No Easy Day” by Mark Owen

“Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War” by Mark Bowden

Recently on The Fussy Librarian's deal shelves

“Mac Walker's 40,000 Feet,” “Mac Walker's American Jihad” and “Patriot Threat: A Mac Walker Military Sniper Elite Short Story Collection,” all by D.W. Ulsterman

“An Invitation to Hitler” by Bernard Neeson

“Chase The Wild Pigeons” by John Gschwend

“Debunker: Independence Day” by Dennis Anthony

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The Military Reading List (not affiliated with the Department of Defense)

<p>Thanks for all the suggestions, Victor &mdash; now we know what to crack open on Veterans Day :)&nbsp;</p>
Sadye | 5/24/18 at 2:31 AM
<p>Nice list, but a tad too mainstream for me. I would suggest that you folks read these less commercial books too - because they&#39;re totally and completely amazing - and consider adding them to your list. 1) Parachute Infantry: The previously unpublished masterpiece by Easy Company member Daniel Webster, which Steve Ambrose lifted heavily from in Band of Brothers.&nbsp; 2) Fortunate Son: This may be the most heartbreaking book about mindless adherence to the 1 percent story-line in this nation that I have ever read. It&#39;s by the son of WWII Marine hero Chesty Puller, who was reduced to quadropalegic status by his injuries in Vietnam. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. 3) Embers of War: Another winner p the Pulitzer Prize and the definitive text on how we got into the Vietnam War and why we fought on the wrong side after fighting beside the men of Ho Chi Mihn&#39;s liberation army during WWII. 4) Black Edelweiss Incredible book about being on the wrong side of WWII by a member of the Waffen SS. A great look into how good people are lured into doing bad things. 5) Soldat Another book about WWII by a German soldier who also found a way to avoid taking principled stands against the horrible people paying him and giving him elevated social standing. 6) Forgotten Soldier A third classic book about WWII by a German soldier. 7) With the Old Breed One of two books that formed the nexus of The HBO Series called The Pacific. This one makes no apologies for the atrocities committed by Marines during WWII, which included refusing to take Japanese prisoners. In popular culture this is generally believed to be just because they wouldn&#39;t surrender. This book provides another dimension to understanding why so few were taken while celebrating the courage of our combat soldiers. 8) Helmet for My Pillow The second book in the HBO nexus. This one was written by a heroic solider who bristled at the unfairness of a military caste system that often seemed to reward soldiers who made officers feel good about themselves, rather than those who had turned the tide in battle. 9) About Face Another iconic book about The Vietnam War. 10) War is a Racket&nbsp; A collection of speeches by two-time Medal of honor recipient Smedley Butler, who stopped an attempted coup of our government prior to WWII by the &nbsp;percent called the Business Plot. Butler also helped shaped the modern veterans rights movement at &nbsp;time when business interests scoffed at disability pay, medical care for injured vets, pensions and the like.</p>
Victor Epstein | 5/24/18 at 2:31 AM
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