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It’s human nature to turn to something beloved from childhood in times of stress.

For Nora Snowdon, that source of comfort was writing — and it has most definitely served its purpose.

Fittingly for the daughter of a journalist, Snowdon enjoyed writing stories about her cat and other animals when she was young.

Gradually, her interests drifted to other outlets, theater being a key one, and her career took a variety of turns that are best summed up by her own website bio.

Finally, after a few turns south, Snowdon had an epiphany: She could write her own happy ending. Literally.

She hasn’t relinquished that power yet, having produced eight novels of “elegant smut” (in her words) — some paranormal, some mysterious, all of them comedic.

Which seems to sum up the author herself, based on our interview with her.

SADYE: When you wrote your first book, did you expect it to launch a career, or was it more of a whim?

NORA: Writing my first book, I had dreams of becoming the next Janet Evanovich, complete with cross-country book-signings, movie producers lining up to woo me for the movie rights, and, of course, enough money so that my cat Molly could order anything from Amazon her little kitty heart desired.

SADYE: What made you decide you would publish it?

NORA: All of the above.

But after I'd tempered my expectations a fair bit (and rescinded Molly's credit card), I found I still wanted to write more books because I really enjoyed the writing process.

I don't plot in advance because I love being surprised as to where my characters go after I figure out who they are and throw complications at them.

SADYE: Can you tell us a little bit about Molly?

NORA: Molly is very shy so some of my friends have been to my place numerous times and never met her.

But at least they got the pleasure of wearing some of her excess fur when they left. Molly believes black and white fur is the ultimate accessory.

SADYE: What led you to give werewolves the starring role in your books, versus any sort of were-cat?

NORA: I do have cats in a couple of my books, but the werewolves were inspired by a very intelligent and poorly trained border collie we had at the time.

(Well, Hazel the dog felt it was her people who weren't properly trained, but that's another story.)  

Werewolves in the city as a concept appealed to me because I liked figuring out how they could conceal themselves and their paranormal aspects.

And then I got into werewoodles, and who knows where it'll go next.

SADYE: How have your past pursuits helped your writing career?

NORA: The acting career definitely helped me in crafting distinctive voices for my characters.

The other careers, financial world, retail, World Wildlife Fund, Racetracks, etc., all turn up as my hero/heroine's occupations in one story or another. 

SADYE: What has been your favorite part about being a writer, and what about it do you miss that you got in your other careers?

NORA: I love getting paid to daydream — which basically is writing, where you think what would happen if... and then just let your mind go.  

Plus I met a bunch of new friends in the romance writing community who are very supportive.  

I still work part time in retail to get myself off my butt and socialize.

* * *

Learn more about Nora Snowdon on her website, where her books can also be purchased; like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter

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