Posted on March 27, 2019 at 4:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Writer Nora Roberts has had enough of the speculation — enhanced by romance’s recent plagiarism scandal — about the “true” authorship of her books.

So she took to Facebook recently to explain to the world just how she manages to produce what she does.

(The tl;dr version? Discipline, drive, desire. No ghostwriters or co-authors.)

Read Roberts’s (in her words) “probably doomed” effort to outline her writing process on her Facebook page.

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I haven't heard the last two In Death series books yet but I am constantly re-listening to them from the beginning. (Audio book junkie here and it all started with J.D.Robb) I've been mesmerized by this series for close to 10 years and have never been disappointed in a single storyline. Maybe people are too uptight and critical (which happens to be my perception of how some of the 'reviewers' sound)...but I'd love to see them churn out worldwide best sellers in multiple genres a few times per year! Maybe take a step back and remember what drew you to her books in the first place. Everyone evolves as time goes by. I, for one, plan to enjoy every second of my favorite author's heart and soul poured out into these stories for as long as humanly possible.
Julie | 9/15/20 at 3:15 PM
Wow. To all the complainers, why don't you try doing what Ms. Roberts does never mind doing it better.
Therese Madonia | 9/12/20 at 3:10 PM
I am having difficulty reading Nora Robert's newest JD Robb, Golden in Death book. The dialogue is boring and uncharacteristic of the characters. There is a stiffness throughout the book and the magic between Eve and Roarke is not there. Peabody is using language and phrases that she would never use. Every now and then I see a hint of the old Nora Roberts in the writing. I also felt like the sequel to Year One was disjointed and poorly written. I couldn't wait to read it and was very disappointed as I am with the JD Robb book. I am wondering if there is a ghost writer for both books.
Marsha M Skinner | 8/15/20 at 3:24 PM
I am very confused by Nora Robert’s most recent books, especially her JD Robb ones. They don’t sound like her at all! Her Death characters are much less likable and more abrupt. Not the Eve and Peabody I know and love. Had to go back to her older ones to confirm my perceptions. Sad.
Carol Adele-Jewett | 7/29/20 at 2:00 AM
Reading a new nora roberts book, and the still is so unlike her (and the book so poorly written) she's either slipping or using a ghost writer
Tracey | 1/30/20 at 4:04 AM
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