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D.J. Swykert is a former 911 operator now writing fiction. He has nine titles in print, including literary fiction, romance, and crime.

SADYE: Tell us something about your writing process that’s unusual or that you haven’t revealed before.

D.J.: I always know how the story will end. Then I develop a conflict that each chapter moves the story to the conclusion I began with.

SADYE: Which of your characters would you most and least like to trade places with?

D.J.: Least: Jack Joseph of The Pool Boy’s Beatitude. Most: Raymond Little of Children of the Enemy.

SADYE: Which of your characters would you most and least like to become romantically involved with?

D.J.: Most: Maggie Elizabeth Harrington of Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, Alpha Wolves, and For the Love of Wolves.

Least: Bonnie Benham of The Death of Anyone.

SADYE: What period of history would you most like to travel back to and what historical figure would you most like to meet?

D.J.: Early 1900s. Have a conversation with Albert Einstein. I’d like to ask him what he saw as the future of humanity in the nuclear age.

SADYE: What message or theme would you like readers to take away from your work?

D.J.: That good will ultimately win over evil.

SADYE: What advice, as relates to your writing career, would you give your younger self?

D.J.: I would have started even younger and been more disciplined, wrote every day.

* * *

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