Posted on January 12, 2021 at 2:33 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

The romance genre has always been a popular and lucrative one, but it hasn’t always received much respect for those accomplishments.

That’s been changing steadily — one of the most talked-about women in politics is a romance novelist, while the Netflix hit du jour is based on a steamy historical romance series.

Those who aren’t fans of the voting-rights activist (and romance novelist) Stacey Abrams  should skip ahead a few paragraphs.

Those who are, though, should check out an NPR interview with a fellow writer who helped fundraise for Abrams’s efforts.

Alyssa Cole, a bestselling romance novelist, gave Lulu Garcia-Navarro more insight into her recent op-ed, “I’m A Romance Novelist Who Writes About Politics — And I Won't 'Stay In My Lane.’”

Head to NPR to read or listen her explanation for why politics and romance go hand in hand.

Meanwhile, over on Netflix, Bridgerton has been captivating audiences across the world — and the creator of its source material, novelist Julia Quinn, is still pinching herself … and celebrating.

Quinn describes how she found herself in a partnership with hitmaker Shonda Rhimes, how the industry has evolved, and more in an interview with the Guardian.

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