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We’re not sure what the record is for least timely exoneration. 

But even if a new effort to clear Dante Alighieri’s name isn’t a record, it’s still quite the delayed reaction.

The Guardian reports that one of his descendants — astrophysicist Sperello di Serego Alighieri — and a law professor are working to overturn Dante’s 1302 conviction of corruption.

Italian law, according to the newspaper Corriere Della Sera, puts no restrictions on requesting that a legal judgment be reversed based on new evidence, and heirs of the accused are welcome to press their cases.

The formal process to clear Dante’s name will begin in May — and a descendant of the official who convicted Dante will take part in it.

Dante earned his literary fame for the epic poem La divina commedia (The Divine Comedy); his choice to write it in an Italian dialect versus Latin has given him the unofficial title of the father of the Italian language.

For more on Dante’s long-ago legal woes, head to the Guardian.

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I'm sorry, but does anybody bother to fact check this dreck before mindlessly reprinting from another source? Like, at all?? Dr. Sperello never proposed an actual revision, and *would* never. Had you actually bothered to do your background journalistic prep work, you would have quickly learned that he sometimes participates in these cultural events in good humor, such as this meeting with Antoine de Gabrielli, descendant of Dante-condemner Cante Gabrielli da Gubbio, at the Festival of the Middle Ages of Europe a few years back ( "The idea of ​​the meeting between the two descendants of Dante and Cante -  explains Anna Buoninsegni Sartori -    it matured last year, during the performance of the play and it will also be a playful way to balance the accounts with history ... I wanted to emphasize moral responsibility, which is justified by the ferocity of the times and wars for power, of the condemnation of Dante by Cante Gabrielli. The main accusation of baratteria, in the sentence preserved in the State Archives of Florence, is based on 'public rumors' and not on a real trial. And it is strange that the chapters of the deplorable political topicality are full of the crime of the same name, the current corruption and extortion. There are over 1,000 deputies and senators of our Parliament, under investigation for the same crimes for which Dante was sentenced to exile. It's an interesting parallel ... " At *best*, and only if I'm being charitable, the original publication misunderstood Dr. Sperello's worst, they intentionally spun his words into a bit of click-bait sensationalism, which then the rest of you shot out without question. Shame.
Kasey Bailes | 2/2/21 at 6:54 PM
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