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A recent NPR author interview yielded a new suggestion for anyone seeking reading material for Black History Month. Richard Gergel’s...

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Can’t satisfy your hunger for Harry Potter? (Well, we know a few people can.) Those who’ve cheered on the continuation...

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None of you authors have to be told “don’t plagiarize.” But what other lessons are there to be learned from...

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The latest installment in the ongoing series of “don’t tick off writers” has arrived, in the form of a debate...

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Author Emily Walker’s bio declares her love for creating worlds and stumbling around in them. It’s fortunate that she can...

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Every person, native or non-native, who has spoken or spelled in English has bemoaned what a strange language it is....

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When LS Hawker first realized she’d need to use beta readers to prepare two manuscripts in twelve months, she certainly...

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Whether you were a Tomi Ungerer fan saddened by his death or an obituary reader intrigued by his story, you’re...

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Today brings us one step closer to learning who will win a Nebula Award and the Aspen Words Literary Prize....

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Now this is news you’ll like to hear even more than we like sharing it: The secret to success, for...

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