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There’s no shortage of celebrity book clubs, but a relative newcomer to the field has emerged as the “it” bookworm:...

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TV and movie producers have it much easier when it comes to depicting their stories’ settings — do a quick...

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Tor’s ebook of the month for June comes with some snazzy credentials. The Murders of Molly Southbourne won the 2018...

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If you could send Steven Savile back to 1985 and tell him what his future held, he wouldn’t have believed...

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A new review of reading-speed research suggests that we’re actually not as fast as we think we are. Marc Brysbaert...

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Dave Chesson doesn’t want you to miss a single chance to promote your author brand. In addition to an amazing...

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We’ve shared quite a few reading lists recently, so at the risk of overwhelming you, here’s one more. Book Marks...

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As much as we love reading, we would also never judge someone for fearing the length and density of any...

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Your characters’ words and thoughts should draw a reader in, not bore them to tears. Louise Harnby often encounters eight...

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Judith Krantz, whom the New York Times calls “the international queen of poolside reading,” died over the weekend. Krantz passed...

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