Why should I pay for ebooks when there are thousands of them available for free?
It's a fair question.
Here's our answer.

We offer free ebooks every day at The Fussy Librarian because it's a good promotional tool for authors. They make one book available for free, perhaps the first in a series, and there's no risk to the reader. Try me, you'll enjoy this book. And when readers fall in love with the characters and the great writing, they don't mind spending a dollar or two the next time for another book by that same author.

But some readers don't buy ebooks. They download only free titles. And that's a problem because authors are just like you and me — they have bills to pay and mouths to feed. They don't have trust funds. There's no wealthy patron living in a mansion who sends them a monthly stipend. 

An author will spend hundreds of dollars to get a great cover designed for the book and hundreds more to have the manuscript professionally edited. That follows hundreds of hours spent doing research and writing to create the novels you love. Imagine working 500 hours at your job before you got paid ... not even knowing how much you will be paid. That's the life of an author.

They need the money that comes when you buy their book. In most cases, it's not a lot — 35 cents for a 99 cent book and $2.09 for a $2.99 book. But it's enough for them to keep a roof over their head and the power bill paid so they can keep writing more great books for you enjoy.

On this page, we're sharing the stories of authors and the difference it makes when you purchase their books. We encourage you to take a moment to read them and then make a commitment to buy one ebook each month. Even though it costs only a dollar or two, it makes all the difference in the world.

— Jeffrey Bruner, The Fussy Librarian

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