Christine Conaway and her husband had bounced back from a financially devastating medical emergency when another crisis struck them in 2007.

They were both working for a large retailer when Christine was severely injured on the job. Doctors said she’d never walk again, let alone work, and the settlement they received from their employer wasn’t enough to save their home.

Christine was fifty-five; her husband, sixty-two — too young to retire. And what if something happened to him?

Fortunately, Christine did regain her ability to walk, but a traditional job was still out of the question. So she went back to a lifelong love: writing.

In 2015, she began uploading her stories to Kindle. Readers were quick to point out issues, but at least they were checking her out — so Christine hired an editor and kept plugging away.

She got better, and readers were quick to notice that, too: Four of her nine books on Amazon have earned more than she receives in Social Security.

Years ago, someone with mobility issues might’ve had few options for employment, and someone without an “in” with a publisher would’ve had little opportunity to share — and earn money from — their written work.

But today, that person can take an active approach to life, rather than feeling dependent on others. And instead of relying on others, such people like Christine can be the one that others lean on in times of need.

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