Deb Stover earns about two dollars each time you purchase one of her romance novels for $2.99.

It may not sound like much, but to her it’s a life-changing amount of money. Seriously.

Book royalties helped Deb and her husband, Dave, buy their first house in Monument, Colorado, where they raised Barbi, Bonnie, and Ben. 

When Dave was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer work, it was the book royalties that meant Barbi could still take ballet lessons, Ben could go to soccer camp, and Bonnie had access to computer software that helped with her language development.

It also meant the car got fixed when it needed repairs, the washing machine replaced when it broke, and Deb could help Barbi pay for college at Millikin University.

Deb has now written fifteen novels and contributed novellas to eight anthologies. She’s won dozens of awards, including the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence, and she has a long list of new novels that she’s eager to write.

Your book purchases make that possible — they pay the bills that make it possible for Deb to write novels.

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