Reading books is an integral part of many people’s education.

But did you realize that buying books can accomplish the same thing? If not, you’ll understand after reading mystery/fantasy author M.L. Hamilton’s story.

M.L. has always loved books, so it made sense that she became an English and journalism teacher.

Her career — plus raising three sons solo from the ages of five years, two years, and three months — kept her quite busy for years.

The urge to write and seek publication couldn’t be ignored, though, and it’s a good thing M.L. prioritized her time to pursue that dream.

When a British publishing house picked her up in 2010, she gave herself five years to turn a profit ... and did so in the second year.

That, combined with romance novel Ravensong placing in Amazon’s top 100 list, showed her that writing could be more than a passion.

And the purchases of those books were more than praise. They were scholarships, in a way: Those three sons had grown up and were heading to college, and we all know that’s not cheap.

The royalties from M.L.’s books, for some time averaging $9,000 annually but now hovering around $20,000, mean there are three fewer young people leaving college with a mountain of debt along with their diplomas.

They’re leaving with the freedom to pursue their passions and to build their lives, rather than scraping by and investing nothing in the world around them.

In fact, take a guess at what the elder two sons are doing ....

... no, not writing, but yes, joining M.L. in the book business.

“The fact that they value what I'm doing means the world to me,” she says. “Having them take this hobby seriously, as a viable business, solidified what I'd already believed.”

You too can show that you value literature: Buy a book today. As you can see from M.L.’s family, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. 

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