How many people are there at The Fussy Librarian? Four.

How long does it take to approve my book? Less than 24 hours, most of the time.

How many subscribers are in each genre? You can find that data, as well as the prices, on this page.

Do you mind if I forward the author email to a friend? No, not at all.

What does my fee get me? Inclusion in the daily email once plus a spot in our online database for 30 days.

Will there ever be a log-in system so I can update and re-submit a book that's already run? Yes, we added that in July 2015.

What vendors do you include links for? Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, Google Play, and Kobo. We do not recommend promoting an ebook if it does not have a link to Amazon.

Can I run my book again? Yes, you can submit the same title once every 30 days.

Explain to me the review requirements. For a number of years, we required a minimum number of reviews. But we've found that for new authors in particular in can be hard to get reviews, so we're going to waive that requirement. We reserve the right to not accept books that lack a quality cover or  where reviews indicate there are quality issues.

What about new releases? We accept them.

Do you accept box sets? Yes.

Can I round up my average rating? No. Leave it alone. Precision is a good thing.

How many books will I sell? Every book is different, we've found over the years. We don't make predictions and we don't offer a guarantee. 

What's your policy on subtitles? We view the stuff in large type as the title your book. And we'll include subtitles if there's room. (That said, please don't ask us to run a subtitle with 20 words in it.)

Should I contact you via the contact form on the website or a different email? You can use the contact form or you can email me at They both go into the same inbox.