Posted on August 17, 2020 at 12:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

None of us can count on life following the plan we set out for it.

Sometimes these detours can be fun, such as a vacation spot’s lack of Wi-Fi resulting in visits to delightful business patios to take advantage of their internet. (Ahem.)

Other times, the cuteness quotient is far outweighed by the stress of these inconveniences — like a pandemic’s pressure on careers.

So today, as we file newswire items from a coffeeshop’s back yard, we definitely want to offer up encouragement and empowerment to authors set adrift during COVID.

Amy Collins shares her personal experience in the latest do-this-not-that promotion post at The Book Designer — namely, that it’s time to stop saying “when things return to normal” and start (or continue) adapting to our more-virtual world.

And Kris Rusch, of course, has some tough love for those struggling to cope with the fact that normal hasn’t existed and won’t exist for a while.

If essential workers can keep risking their lives to ensure that the rest of us have groceries, utilities, health care, and other basic (and not-so-basic) needs, then you certainly have the courage it takes to share your writing with the world.

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