Posted on September 21, 2020 at 8:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

We asked recently on Facebook whether our followers use dog-eared pages or bookmarks to return to where they left off in a print book.

A few brave souls admitted to dog-earing — only their own books — but far more were scandalized by the mere question.

Many of them, however, elaborated in fun or funny ways, so we rounded up some of our favorite responses in case you missed them.

Creative solutions, part I 

Ginger F.: I have a pair of thinoptics — glasses without arms; they mark my place and I do not have to look for my readers when I am ready to pick up the book again.

Jim K.: I mostly use blown-in subscription cards for bookmarks. I seem to get 15 or 20 with every magazine.

Mona P.: Bookmark with a long rubber band wrapped around the spine, top to bottom holding your place. That works better than paper or card because if you happen to fall asleep and your book slides to the floor, you don't lose your last place. 

DeAnn R.: I have a wide variety of bookmarks and I use post it notes sometimes to mark a passage I want to quote in my journal. 

Creative solutions, part II 

Patrick C.: My mother and her friends used to make bookmarks out of old Christmas cards. So when you got a new book for Christmas you also got a new bookmark.

Julie H.: I remember the page number. But for markers I prefer a book thong, they're great! Decorative and no imprints at all. I make my own to match my favorite books.

Janice K.: I use pretty ribbons ... my current pick is a sparkly palm tree design. I love changing them up for the seasons!

Thanks for the laughs

Jackie B.: Bookmark. Dog ear is a pet peeve. No pun intended.

Wayne S.: How silly! I read them in one go, never need a bookmark!

A nice tie-in 

Carol N.: Never dog-ear!!! I have a bookmark collection and have fun matching the bookmark to the cover. Maybe a little obsessive????

Rut S.: For me, picking up the right bookmark to go with the book I'll read is part of the routine.

Brainiac bookworms 

Jerry H.: I just remember. I could pick it up a year from now and know where I left off.

Robin K.: Remember the page and close the book.

Elizabeth M.: Bookmark or remember the page number.

Saving more than your spot 

Karyl J.: Cash register receipts work well; they're lightweight. A $5 bill works and you have lunch money. I used that for my book at work.

Sally M.: Use a $20 bill. Told my daughter she will have to go thru every book!

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