Posted on August 28, 2015 at 12:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

We drew our inspiration for Friday favorites from National Dog Day, which was Wednesday.

The best-dogs-in-lit lists from Bustle and Flavorwire were fairly comprehensive (though we can already think of one snub: Jack from “Little House in the Big Woods”).

These suggestions from Barnes & Noble and O Magazine were very mutt-like, incorporating all sorts of types: children’s lit and adult works; fiction and nonfiction; filled with text and photo-heavy.

Would you like to get inside of a dog’s head instead? The Guardian’s roundup of canine literature stuck strictly to stories told from the four-legged point of view.

On a more scientific level, Mother Nature Network recommends these six nonfiction works to better understand your pup.

You can learn more about which writers were pet lovers from Brain Pickings, Book Trib, and Flavorwire (and yes, there are plenty of photos!).

You can also see what various greats like Shakespeare, Hemingway and others might’ve looked like, had they been born as dogs instead of humans, thanks to The Huffington Post.

And finally, if you’ve been clicking all of our links, you should be able to ace this quiz from the Guardian, matching the famous author with his/her furry friend.


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