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Now that the self-publishing revolution is in full swing, it’s not uncommon to know a published author, separate from his or her professional identity.

But back when Fussy was in school, traditional publishing dominated the scene. Writers seemed nearly as removed from real life as Hollywood stars.

Enter Josie Jax, then known as Titania Ladley — a real-life published author of erotic romance novels ... whose son was one of the first friends Fussy made and kept at college.

Back then, it amazed us that a registered nurse (and someone’s mom!) was also a published, best-selling author.

Today, we’re still amazed, but it’s at Josie’s talent, her output, and her adaptability in the ever-changing world of literature. She has regained nearly all of the rights to books written as Titania from her former publisher, and her latest work, Aching for Annabell, has just been released.

SADYE: How long have you been writing?

JOSIE: Most of my adult life. I've been published for about 13 years. Wow, it doesn't seem like that long ago!

SADYE: Was it a struggle for you to find a publisher, or did things fall into place nicely for you?

JOSIE: Prior to those 13 years, I did a lot of research, submitted many manuscripts to lots of publishers, fumbled my way around, and searched the ins and outs of publishing. Partial translation: I had to learn how to work a computer, software, and surf the Internet.

Young'uns these days seem to be born knowing how to use technology. I missed the cutoff for that birthday deadline by many miles. :)

SADYE: What has been your proudest moment as an author so far?

JOSIE: Achieving USA Today bestseller status. What an awesome day that was! (Thank you, readers!)

SADYE: The world of literature has changed a lot since you came on the scene — what has surprised you most?

JOSIE: In the publishing world, I've seen surprising things on almost a daily basis. But if I had to pick something, I would say the way e-books were shunned by many and viewed as "illegitimate" books, even while they flew off the cybershelves.

Many resisted the amazing technology of it, while at the same time using the very technology that made the e-books possible — computers and the Internet. There is nothing more gratifying than clicking a button and having a book appear almost magically in your hands. I love my Kindle!

SADYE: With hindsight being 20/20, what would you tell your brand-new-author-self if you could go back in time?

JOSIE: I would tell myself to further research the publishers offering me contracts, and don't be afraid to say no until I've negotiated the terms I want and deserve. My newest publisher is Loose Id. They are wonderful, and so friendly and easy to work with!

SADYE: Your novels all fall into different subgenres. Which is your favorite kind to write?

JOSIE: Anything with paranormal aspects is my absolute favorite. There's nothing more fun than sitting with my laptop and a hot cup of coffee while scaring myself to death with the things my brain comes up with!

I also love to write F/F stories of sizzling love and happy ever after. (I have yet to combine lesbian and paranormal genres together, but I do have many plans...)

My newest release under my brand-spanking-new pseudonym, Josie Jax, is a sexy holiday F/F titled Aching for Annabell. An "outsider" lesbian rescues a fleeing Amish woman days before Christmas. Lots of sugar and spice and everything nice. ;) The second in the series, Tempting Tatum (all set in the same Missouri town), will be coming soon.

* * *

Josie’s website,, is under construction, but you can follow her on Twitter and check out her website for Titania in the meantime. Her latest book can be bought at Loose Id, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, and All Romance eBooks.

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