Posted on 01/01/2016 at 12:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

’Tis the season for year-end list-making. And just like many other December activities — gift-buying, braving the cold, indulging in treats without splitting your pants — pulling together our best-of-blog list proved to be somewhat challenging.

Two easy inclusions were our reader-survey series on such issues as prices, blurbs, and turnoffs, as well as our author predictions on the future of ebooks.

It also didn’t take us long to learn that Jane Austen is to bookworms what cats are to the rest of Internet users — so if you missed our Friday Favorites post on her, refresh your memory here.

(Yes, we did Friday Favorites on cats, too. And dogs. Fussy loves both.)

But to choose which author interviews to revisit? How can we pick a favorite? And what will the others think?

The peaceful route seemed to be reminding you of Q&As that garnered the best quantifiable audience reaction: Kathryn Le VequeBarb Froman, and Julie Ortolon.

Emboldened by our third cup of coffee, though, we dared to stick our necks out:

* We love history and genealogy, so Julian Gray’s interview was right up our alley.

Aria Grace’s answer to our third question literally made us laugh out loud. So did Leddy Harper’s response to the final question. And pretty much everything Ivery Kirk and Luna Teague said.

* Others inspired us as much as they amused us: Svetlana GrobmanSteven A. McKay, and David L. Workman.

And finally, we felt much smarter after interviewing David Gaughran, who shared his insights into the self-publishing revolution, and Anne Chaconas and Annetta Ribken, who convinced a few journalism escapees that some people do value editors.

Thank you to everyone who has participated, and we invite you to recommend an author (self-nominations are OK, too!) for an interview in 2016.

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