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It seems fitting that author Staci Hart wishes she could have drinks with a few of her characters, because she herself seems like a great person to grab a beverage with.

Read her bio, and you’ll find that she appreciates just about any form of art you might like — musical, visual, literary, fashion — and has a healthy sense of self-deprecation.

And she’s straightforward about her writing inspiration and motivation: “I’m not trying to write fine literature, I’m trying to write fun, fluffy romance. Ultimately, I’m just a nerd who loves books.”

Though it wasn’t over whiskey or PBR, unfortunately, we had the chance to chat with Hart about her creative endeavors recently.

SADYE: What was your route to publication like?

STACI: I self-published my first book myself and loved the control over my timeline, cover, and story that publishing indie gave me.

Of course, the learning curve was unbelievably steep, but I’ve adapted, learned, grown to the point that I find myself now, writing full time with a couple of bestsellers under my belt.

SADYE: Do you design your own covers and website?

STACI: I do! I’m a graphic designer by trade, which is a skill that’s come in handy through this process.

SADYE: What is your favorite book that you’ve written, or the one you’re proudest of?

STACI: My favorite book I’ve written is Doe Eyes, the third in my Hearts and Arrows series.

It’s just so deep — there’s so much the characters have to get through to find their happy endings, on top of being a mystery, which was incredibly hard to write and research. It was a huge accomplishment for me.

SADYE: Which of your characters would you most like to see as a real person?

STACI: Hmm, I’m picking two — Dita and Perry of my Hearts and Arrows series. I just want to go have drinks with them and laugh and see their friendship with my own eyes.

SADYE: What’s the reader response to your Pinterest boards and playlists?

STACI: That’s hard to gauge. Mostly, I do them for myself — I’m very inspired by visuals and music, so building these things is part of my process that I love to share with readers.

Anytime anyone follows me, I’m giddy! For anyone to be interested in that part of my brain is an unbelievably cool honor.

SADYE: What has been the most successful way to add readers, in your experience?

STACI: To reach readers is no easy feat. A lot of things have to line up — cover, blurb, price — then you also need a solid launch plan for your release.

Exposure is a huge part of it, but you also have to back that promise up with a book that delivers, so having a great editor is crucial to success. I use my Facebook fan group as a place to really connect with readers daily, and it’s been such a huge source of support and excitement for me.

And then I also have a newsletter, which is one of the only ways to connect with readers that I can control. So, a holistic approach, I suppose, is the answer!

* * *

Learn more about and contact Staci at her website, where you can also buy her books. Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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