Posted on 02/12/2016 at 12:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Happy early Valentine’s Day to our fellow book lovers!

We’ll start with the sweet holiday-themed picks and move on to the sour ones ...

If you haven’t gotten your sweetie a present yet — or if you suspect your sweetie hasn’t gotten yours yet — the Guardian has a few literary-themed suggestions, as does Book Riot. (Book Riot also has some Galentine’s gifts.)

And if you’d like something more interactive, there’s the new app Crave, which brings novels to life.

Those of us who don’t need gifts — just giggles — can take pleasure in ABDO’s library-themed valentines ... free to download!

Does love stink, as far as you’re concerned? We have some consolation:

Book Riot writers and commenters point out that some of literature’s romantic heroes would actually be duds as boyfriends. (Personally, we always thought Roger Lea MacBride's version of Paul Cooley stunk, and that Gilbert Blythe was a little dull.)

Please look past the punctuation ...

The Guardian would like to remind you that relationships can blow up pretty spectacularly anyway.

For those already suffering from such disasters, it also suggests a few books to help you wallow in your sorrow.

PS: Thanks to Pinterest users for uploading all these great graphics!

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