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One hundred years ago today, Roald Dahl was born, and the literary world is celebrating with a plethora of listicles and reminiscences from family and fans alike.

Here’s our collection of the best Internet offerings to streamline your reading:

We’ll start right away with the not-so-cheerful — an account of how Dahl was fired by his publisher (for rather justifiable reasons).

Happily, his daughter Lucy and granddaughter Sophie have much fonder memories of him.

And his effect is felt beyond the literary world — Dahl’s work helping his first wife recuperate from a stroke inspired a widely distributed guide as well as the formation of England’s Stroke Association.

You can apply his wisdom to your day-to-day life, too; his works are full of simple yet sage advice.

They’re also packed with fascinating characters, of which one journalist tried to pick the best 10. Do you agree with his sometimes offbeat choices

Or, incorporate his original vocabulary into the office water-cooler chat to liven up the workday conversation

Finally, it wouldn’t be a look back at an author’s life without a list of obscure factoids about him, a ranking of his oeuvre, or the discovery of a long-lost work.

Now, channel your inner Matilda and lose yourself in a book! 

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