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Is author A.D. Trosper actually married to Toni Morrison?

OK, yes, that was a clickbait introduction, but the story of how Trosper decided to start writing novels reminded us a lot of a Morrison quote: “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

We chatted with Trosper, author of several epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance novels, recently about how she began writing, how she writes, and more.

SADYE: Why did your husband encourage you to write a novel?

A.D.: I have always written things — little stories and such, none of which I never finished, but he read them all. He was convinced I had it in me to write a book. I wasn’t so convinced.

Every now and then I would read a book that frustrated me, and when I vented about it, he would always say, “Well, write your own, then you can make it however you want.”

So after several years of his gentle prodding and insistence that I could do it, I finally decided to try. And amazingly, I did it. And I have kept doing it ever since.

SADYE: You’re an award-winning and best-selling author — what have been your proudest career moments?

A.D.: My proudest moment was when my two teenagers loved my books and asked for them for Christmas so they would have their own copies.

My second-proudest moment was when I finished Ashes and Spirits, the third book in Dragon’s Call. There will be a fourth book, but Ashes pretty well wrapped up the problems faced by the characters in the series. It was a moment of pride for me because not only did I finish the books, I essentially finished a whole series.

Awards are fine, but these two things mean so much more to me.

SADYE: Was it much of a transition to go from writing for adults with the Dragon’s Call series to the young adult Bound series?

A.D.: It wasn’t so much as switching from adults to teens that was a difficult transition, mainly because I feel both series can be read by both groups.

It was going from writing in my made-up epic fantasy world to writing a story based in the real world where only so many things can be tweaked to my liking.

SADYE: You blogged about how the best way to write is however you do it. So, what’s your process like?

A.D.: It’s disorganized. I have only the very basics of the story (names, places, physical characteristics, and relationships) written down. Everything else is in my head. ...

There are days when I can churn out almost ten thousand words and other days where I don’t write at all. I do try to get at least one sentence a day written just because. But everyone needs days off, and I’m not afraid to take them.

I don’t outline (tried that, it didn’t work at all), so there are days where instead of writing, I’m thinking about what I’m writing, letting it percolate in my head as I ponder the story.

SADYE: What’s the biggest misconception you think people have about self-publishing that you’d like to counter?

A.D.: That all self-published books are crap. They aren’t. I’ve come across so many wonderful gems.

Although I can’t really call myself self-published — that would imply I do it all myself, and I don’t. I work with my publishing partners at Blue Harvest creative. They are responsible for my covers, formatting, layout, interior book design, etc.

I also have an editor I work with, and last but not least, a great team of beta readers. I also have a couple of wonderful alpha readers.

So I may be independent from the big five, but I am not self-published. To claim that would be to take away the credit that is deserved from the people who contribute to turning my manuscripts into books.

* * *

Learn more about A.D. Trosper on her website; like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. Her books can be purchased on Amazon.

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