Posted on January 10, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

A few weeks ago, we shared a Facebook challenge: summarize your favorite book in exactly six words. A friend had posted it earlier, and the results were entertaining.

It turns out our Facebook fans are just as enthusiastic, if not more so, than our friend's friends! In case you missed it, we've gathered up the entries (without answers) for your enjoyment.

* She moves and changes names frequently

* Book 1: Boy uses magic to defeat wizard. 

Book 2: Magic boy defeats dark lord again. 

Book 3: Dark lord tries again and fails.

Book 4: Dark lord returns, boy defeats him. 

Book 5: Dark Lord still can't beat boy. 

Book 6: Boy extends win streak to six.

Book 7: Even Evil Army can't defeat boy.

* Volume One: Creation, flood, wandering, tablets.

Sequel: son, loaves, fishes, crucifixion, rebirth.

* Girl's love tested in gruesome situations.

* Get rich quick scheme saves world.

* Three sisters grow up, one dies.

* Obsessive policeman chases bread thief endlessly.

* Recreating dinosaurs a spectacularly bad idea.

* She carelessly falls through the stones.

* Heroine saves the family Georgia plantation.

* Wrongfully imprisoned but gets his revenge.

* And, they lived happily ever after.

* Three kingdoms fight over ruling China.

* Little person swindles ring using riddles.

* Poor migrant farmers travel to California.

* Destiny helps you achieve your ambition.

* Two sisters hike barefoot going south.

* Prince from space seeks gardening advice.

* Ostracized woman makes good through kindness.

* Next time, don't sled into tree.

* Dark storm, white wizard, cleansing fire.

* Murder, mayhem, fiber, yarn, knitting, alpacas!

* Older postulant perseveres, finds peace, God.

* Cousins disagree on who rules England.

* Married woman loves unmarried younger man

* Sane man enters mental hospital.

* Fake. Face. Notifications. Memories. Book. Unfriend.

* (S)He's so proud. I was wrong.

* Let's time travel to save JFK.

* Good versus evil, good wins big!!

* Reaper meets Son of Satan Hubby.

* Space kids can commit xenocide too!

* Man, woman meet cute through time.

* Comedic time traveling scientists rediscover history.

* Special agent goes missing, presumed drowned.

* A boy, a raft, a slave.

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