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Preparing for our latest author Q&A had us gazing wistfully at our fridge.

That’s because our interviewee, Bonnie Scott, is the author of dozens of recipe books, including the best-selling "In Jars" series and Cookie Indulgence.

Maybe we should’ve asked her how she burns off everything from her test kitchen ...

SADYE: What piqued your interest in cooking and writing cookbooks?

BONNIE: I have degrees in journalism and computer information systems and was an IT manager for twenty years before deciding to become self-employed and set up information websites and blogs for myself and others.  

After running websites at home for about ten years, I started getting bored and had read about making money writing cookbooks somewhere. I decided to give it a try and love writing cookbooks!

I got into the market when Kindle books were just becoming popular so I did really well.

SADYE: How does a cookbook writer set himself/herself apart from all the blogs out there?

BONNIE: People still love to have a cookbook in print to follow when they are cooking. I actually make more money on paperbacks than I do ebooks.  

Some people do use the ebook copy to cook from, but I find many people still print out a copy of the recipe before beginning.

SADYE: How do you decide what type of food to write about?

BONNIE: I am not sure how the idea for a cookbook comes to me. I create a folder for a cookbook when I get an idea.  

I probably have fifty cookbook folders waiting to be written right now. I also helped a friend and my son get started writing cookbooks.

SADYE: What has been your most successful sales strategy?

BONNIE: I run some Amazon ads but don’t pay more than five cents an ad. I use only two promo services when my books are free.

SADYE: What has prompted you to stay Amazon-exclusive?

BONNIE: I started out with Amazon and have done so well that I never tried to go wide. Maybe I will with my next book.

SADYE: What kinds of results do you see from your free-ebook promotions?

BONNIE: Putting my books out there for free not only greatly increases my page reads — which I do get paid for — but because the book is so popular when it is free, after the free period, the units sold for both ebooks and paperbacks increase greatly.

(This increases) my Amazon best-sellers rank and visibility, in turn increasing my sales. It’s a win/win situation, and except for the promos I run monthly, I don’t have to invest any money in my book ventures since I do all the publishing myself.

* * *

Learn more about Bonnie Scott on her website, where her books can also be purchased, and like her on Facebook.

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