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“Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Au contraire, says author Mary E. Twomey.

Twomey recently gave an extremely fresh look, plus an attention-grabbing new blurb, to her novel The Silence of Lir – and we couldn’t resist emailing her to chat about it.

The fantasy/adventure novelist, who also writes contemporary romance under the name Tuesday Embers, was more than happy to share the back story to Lir’s temporary makeover.

SADYE: What prompted your “revamp” of the book cover and blurb?

MARY: This was my freshman novel, and I think it stands up as a good starting point in my writing journey. As for this particular cover design, I wanted to make myself laugh as well as tell the truth, and this meets both criteria. 

I'm in the middle of launching a book a month in the "Ugly Girl" series, which is eleven books long. Needless to say, that publishing/writing schedule is a wee bit hectic, and I often find that I'm taking work far too seriously. 

Writing is fun, and I'm a very lucky girl that I get to decide exactly how much fun I'd like to have with my journey.

SADYE: Beyond receiving an interview request, what has been the reaction?

MARY: The reaction has been snickering from readers and a hearty "I feel ya!" from other authors. 

Our first projects are labors of love, with plenty of bumps and bruises to get them on the shelves.

SADYE: We're also not used to seeing wombats mentioned so often on author websites ...

MARY: My readership is lovingly referred to as my wombats. I think they're the most fascinating and mysterious animals in the universe. 

Anyone that poops in cube shapes is ahead of the game in my mind.

SADYE: On a more serious note, what’s your writing background?

MARY: I've always been writing, and just assumed I'd have to get another job to pay the bills while I wrote for fun. 

Well, now writing is my full-time gig, and I love every rusty, weird and beautiful part of it. I've got thirty-six novels out now, and there's no end in sight.

SADYE: What’s been the most rewarding part or proudest moment of your writing career?

MARY: I run a small group of local authors that get together every other month and trade marketing ideas, tips and tricks of the trade. We do writing exercises, and celebrate when one of us has a book that comes out. 

Some of my happiest moments are watching them succeed. It's a powerful thing to boost someone closer to the top — to be part of the glow that lights them up.

Another fulfilling moment was when I started my book-of-the-month club

My subscribers get a signed and personalized paperback from me each month, as well as a postcard, the ebook, sometimes a bookmark or something fun, and a handwritten note from me specifically for them. Every month, you get the next book in the series.

I love staying in touch with readers, so I make it a point to make myself available as often as I can for them. 

* * *

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