Posted on 07/20/2018 at 04:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

For many of us, it’s easier to find reasons not to try something than it is to take a leap.

If that “something,” for you, is writing, then bestselling author Scott Allan is here to counter those reasons.

Over at The Creative Penn, he lists the following eight fears many would-be writers express and explains how to overcome them: 

Fear #1. Comparing yourself to world-class authors. 

Fear #2. “I never finish anything, so why should writing a book be any different.”

Fear #3. This type of book has been written before.

Fear #4. I don’t have the time to write.

Fear #5. I can’t afford to self-publish a book.

Fear #6. I’m not an authority. Who will take me seriously?

Fear #7. I can’t handle criticism and I know critics will rip my writing apart.

Fear #8. I heard that authors have to market their own books and I’m terrible at sales.

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