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Perhaps one of the most unique back stories we’ve encountered among the authors we interview is that of Seeley James.

James, who was just a few years removed from being homeless, adopted a friend’s daughter ... when he himself was just nineteen years old.

And single.

The decision to adopt Nicole wasn’t difficult at all, though of course being a single parent wasn’t always easy.

Yet thanks to a supportive village — including many unrelated stay-at-home moms who pitched in to cover gaps — they not only survived, but thrived.

And in fact, Nicole herself was a key player in James’s decision to become a novelist, which he’d dreamed of doing since he was a kid, by inspiring his heroine Pia Sabel.

Since our original interview (which you can read here), the series starring Pia has grown by seven books. It has also pushed Pia’s head of security, veteran Jacob Stearne, into a more prominent role.

Stearne, in his creator’s words, is “either insane or is guided by Mercury, winged messenger of the Roman gods, whose unemployment benefits ran out fifteen hundred years ago.” (We're intrigued ... )

But you don’t have to embark on a highly unusual quest at a young age, like James did, to become a successful writer.

In his opinion, the best thing a new writer can do is to study their craft and read “everything by Robert McKee, Shawn Coyne, Donald Maas, Blake Snyder, and others.”

* * *

Learn more about Seeley James on his website, where his books can also be purchased; like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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