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Growing up on a dairy farm proved to be extremely fruitful for author Miranda Lynn.

It probably taught her a bunch of valuable life lessons, like the necessity of hard and unglamorous work and the ability to adapt to surprises that were completely out of her control.

But it definitely taught her — as an only child — to invent her own entertainment, in the form of stories.

Thankfully, she never outgrew that tendency, and nowadays, she’s a successful author who helps others escape whatever drudgery they’re surrounded with.

Lynn, who writes time travel and paranormal romances, answered a few of our questions about the rest of her journey in the lead-up to her seventh book, Portal Through The Veil, which releases January 8.

SADYE: When did you find yourself compelled to write down the stories you made up? 

MIRANDA: In 2009, I finally decided that what I created in my head was good enough to put into words on screen and paper for others to read. 

Of course it was due to encouragement of a few indie authors that I knew at the time through my book review blog. 

Without their support, I am not sure I would have done it.

SADYE: What prompted to you to also seek publication? 

MIRANDA: Another author friend, Terry Maggert, told me to stop revising, get it edited well and put it out there. 

It took three years from when I wrote it to when I finally hit publish.

SADYE: If you had to be in a relationship with one of your male romantic leads, which would it be? 

MIRANDA: Rook would be my choice. 

The combination of his strength, loyalty, and understanding of emotional needs is such a turn-on. 

The fact that he is a tiger shifter doesn't hurt either.

SADYE: What characteristic would you most like to steal from any of your heroines? 

MIRANDA: Their confidence and strength in knowing who they are.

SADYE: What have been the most challenging, surprising, and rewarding parts of being an author? 

MIRANDA: Challenging is getting the words on the page fast enough. 

My characters don't like to wait, and to this day I don't type fast enough or have enough hours in the day to get all the writing done along with the rest of life. 

Surprising is the books that the readers have chosen as favorites; it proves that I'll never know which character will grasp their heart. 

The most rewarding are the little messages from readers and fellow authors, the joy in meeting old and new fans at events, and the interaction I have with them. 

* * *

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