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If writing novels professionally is like entering a pool, then Ally Vance started cautiously — dipping her toes in once at a time — and made a huge splash once she got in.

Vance, who writes dark romance under her own name as well as with fellow writer Michelle Brown, achieved bestseller status with her debut novel, Flower in the Dark.

She’d been a lifelong lover of reading and writing but needed just the right nudge to take the plunge, and thankfully for her readers, someone was there to provide the push.

And, clearly, she was welcomed with open arms. In addition to her own novels and those written with Brown (as Ally Michelle), Vance has participated in several anthologies and is preparing for the launch of a multi-author dark romance series.

The Blaire’s World books are based on bestselling writer Anita Gray’s novels and hit shelves this month, giving Vance the perfect opportunity to introduce herself to us and our readers.  

SADYE: What is your creative background?

ALLY: I actually started writing when I was fourteen or fifteen years old; I even studied media in college and professional writing at university.

Then I started blogging in 2017, writing reviews, and then beta reading. I moved into proofreading for an author friend, Michelle Brown, who asked me to write a foreword for an anthology she was setting up, and it spiraled from there.

I mentioned that I used to write, and she told me to get to it and write something!

SADYE: In another interview, you said the title of your hypothetical autobiography would be How I Became a Writer and the Way it Changed My Life — why is that?

ALLY: I guess because when I was younger, I used to write therapeutically, and I think that if I hadn’t, I would be very different today.

I also wouldn’t have met any of the fantastic people I have in my life who I met through books and blogging, and then rediscovering my passion for writing.

SADYE: You’ve also said that titles are a sticking point for you. Since then, have you picked up on any tricks that help guide you through it?

ALLY: Winging it, mainly. I will occasionally write down various title ideas and then ask my alpha/beta readers to help me select one which fits as well as bouncing ideas back and forth.

SADYE: What appeals to you about co-writing novels and participating in anthologies?

ALLY: The challenge is a big draw, and for co-writing it's also exciting because I never know what my writing partner will do next.

We will each take a character to write the point of view of so there’s a lot of reaction to what they've written. It’s fun and keeps me on my toes.

As for anthologies, some of them are to benefit charities where all earnings go to the charity. I love being a part of something big and giving back.

t’s also an amazing way to make friends and meet other authors, while still having fun.

SADYE: Which of your romantic leads would you most and least want to be involved with?

ALLY: This is a tough question!

Most want to be involved with would probably be Mason from In Plain Sight, one of my co-written stories with Michelle Brown.

Least want to be involved with would be Luka from Evelina: Blaire's World, purely because my PA Renee has claimed him as hers and she gets stabby when you touch her book boyfriends.

SADYE: What is your favorite part of or moment in the writing process?

ALLY: My favorite part has got to be when I am right in the story and I am just go-go-go, when the characters just won't stop and I have to keep writing! Also, cover reveal day.

* * *

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