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Our bargain-book emails this weekend will be packed with must-read deals from Goylake Publishing.

Check out the complete list to make sure you don't miss any sales from genres you didn't subscribe to, or to preview what might be in your inbox tomorrow!


Horror/science fiction 

Survival, by Rhonda Hopkins. Fifteen-year-old Jenny and her twin brother, Jason, find their neighborhood in disarray. Will they survive their first zombie encounter? Available at Amazon.

Historical fiction 

Love Beyond, by Grant Leishman. It was a love that should never have been: he, an aristocratic captain in the Spanish Army of occupation of The Philippines and she, a simple village girl who had joined the revolutionary army. Available at Amazon.

Historical fiction

Tangwstyl, by Mansel Jones. Set in the medieval town of Kenfig in the year 1399, the story centers on a prophecy made by Merlin and the birth of a girl, named Tangwstyl. Available at Amazon.


The English Sombrero, by Anthony Randall. Twenty-six-stone alcoholic, chain smoking, fast food junkie, millionaire businessman Don Simmons has a drunken £250,000 bet that he can complete a half marathon in under an hour and a half. Available at Amazon.

Literary fiction

Winters Day, by DM Wolfenden. Jolie Winters and her cousin, Debbie are more than family, and when you have someone that close they can sometimes lead you astray. Available at Amazon.


Mrs. Fitzroy, by Rachael Wright. Brash, streetwise Captain Alexander Savva of the Hellenic Police is called to investigate the crumpled mess of a car and the body inside it. Available at Amazon.

Paranormal suspense

Earthbound, by Val Tobin. Software developer Jayden McQueen is dead, but it’s not in her stubborn and controlling nature to say die. Available at Amazon and Books2Read.

Police procedural

Paige Carter Season 1, by Melanie Smith. Forensic science expert Paige Carter has made a life-altering decision. She’s left the FBI to become Manti’s newest deputy sheriff. Available at Amazon.


Heart Warming Tales, by Brenda Mohammed. Heart Warming Tales consists of six unusual and enjoyable short stories of romance. Available at Amazon.

Fool's Desire, by Poppy Flynn. As a bubbly art student, Daisy Kidde embarked on a passionate relationship that ended in tears. Eleven years later, she has reinvented herself. Available at Amazon.

Cinderella's Boss, by Susan Horsnell. Will Brett realize his true feelings and take his very own Cinderella to the ball or will his best friend steal her from under his nose? Available at Amazon.

Paranormal romance 

Creating Grace, by Cassandra DenHartog. Can love really heal a rift between heaven and hell? Available at Amazon.

Romantic suspense

Exodus, by Kate McGinn. The ER staff called Clare Thibodeaux the “Ice Lady”. No one knew the reason why she wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. Available at Amazon.

Science fiction 

The Lights of Time, by Paul Ian Cross. Engella Rhys is alone, adrift and on the run. Pursued by a secret agency, known only as the Hunters, she must stay ahead to stay alive. Available at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play.


Children's picture books

Mermaid's Gift, by Ronesa Aveela. Nine-year-old Nick’s Name Day is filled with worry because his father is caught out fishing on the ocean during a storm. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Audible.

Bea and Bee, by Sylva Fae. Bea loves tending the flowers in her little back yard but what she’d really like is a pet to care for. The yard is too small for a pet, or is it? Available at Amazon.

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