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One of our previous Q&A subjects suggested that we reach out to writer Patricia Egan.

It turned out to be an especially poignant time, as Egan was just wrapping up her first published novel, Under The Willow.

Writing it was the work, literally, of a lifetime.

The process began when she first realized expressing her emotions was a challenge for her; the recommended outlet of journaling turned into poetry during her teen years.

And eventually, the poetry revealed an overarching story that Egan worked on, on and off, for ten years.

We spoke with her the day after Under The Willow went live online — help her celebrate achieving her publication dream by getting to know her with us.

SADYE: What inspired you to seek publication?

PATRICIA: I started looking into publication after I realized I wanted some of my story to be told and shared with others that may be able to relate.

My goal is to make my blog, An Outsider's Way, a place where people can go and tell their stories with the knowledge we (I call us the outsiders) are there for support whenever they need someone to listen.

SADYE: What is the earliest thing that you remember writing?

PATRICIA: I started writing in my diaries and journals when I was younger.

My family thought I needed an outlet to release my feelings into; they were mostly about my day.

SADYE: What has been the most rewarding part of the publishing journey so far?

PATRICIA: I have been an official published author for about a day now, and I must say I love it.

The responses I hear or see as people express their excitement over my book fills me up!

I am on cloud nine, hoping they will relate to it as much as I relate to certain characters I read about.

SADYE: You're also a passionate photographer; how do you think that and your role as a writer affect one another?

PATRICIA: My goal for photography is to show others what they may not see every day. I want to be able to capture moments for others to enjoy.

After seeing my photography I hope they will slow down and look around at what is around them every now and then.

Same goes for my written worlds. I want people to relate and take a step back and tell themselves to enjoy the moment and take everything in.

SADYE: Where or when did you have the inspiration specifically for your book?

PATRICIA: When my firstborn turned 1.5 years old.

I started taking my poetry and putting it together, and slowly it developed into a story, which took bigger leaps and became a whole other story with more meaning and emotion.

Chapter 19 in Under The Willow still makes me tear up when I read it.

* * *

Learn more about Patricia Egan on her website and Amazon page; like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter

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