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Today we’re interviewing a USA TODAY bestselling author who writes under the pen names of Brenda K. Davies and Erica Stevens.

Under Brenda K. Davies, she has written the Vampire Awakening Series, Alliance Series, Road to Hell Series, Hell on Earth Series, and historical romantic fiction.

Under Erica Stevens, she has written the Captive Series, Coven Series, Fire and Ice Series, Kindred Series, Ravening Series, and the Survivor Chronicles.

When not out with friends and family, she can be found at home with her husband, son, dog, cat, and horse.

SADYE: How did you come to see yourself as a writer, and what inspired you to seek publication?

BRENDA/ERICA: For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to think up tales and write them down.

Sometimes, I would write plays and make my friends act them out. I always wanted to be a writer, and for years, I piled up stories before publishing them.

One day, fed up with another round of rejections, I decided to self-publish. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

SADYE: What period of history would you most like to travel back to, and which historical figure would you most like to meet?

BRENDA/ERICA: I’ve always been fascinated with medieval and wild west times and would like to travel back to both.

There are a lot of people I’d love to meet, but I’d have to say Billy the Kid because I’d like to know if Pat Garrett really did kill him.

SADYE: What has been the most touching or memorable piece of reader feedback you’ve received?

BRENDA/ERICA: I think one of the greatest things a reader can tell me is that they love to re-read my stories.

As a person who often re-reads all my favorite books, this is such a wonderful thing to hear from someone.

SADYE: What message or theme would you like readers to take away from your work?

BRENDA/ERICA: I always try to give a message of hope in my stories.

SADYE: What advice, as relates to your writing career, would you give your younger self?

BRENDA/ERICA: Start a mailing list sooner, try not to stress so much about the things you can’t control, and trust your instincts.

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Learn more about Brenda K. Davies on her website, where her books can also be purchased; like her on Facebook; and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about Erica Stevens on her website, where her books can also be purchased; like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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