Posted on July 17, 2019 at 8:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

We posted a cartoon on Facebook last week about a kid sneaking a book — with his mother fully aware and loving it — and our followers went crazy in a good way over it. (Check it out at the bottom of this post.)

And they also shared their own excellent stories about sneaking in a page (or two ... or three ... ), much to our delight.

First we figured we’d pull our favorites and share on our blog, but that barely narrowed down the field.

So we grouped our favorites by topic and are sharing a dose each morning this week, to help you start your day on the right foot.

Sorry about any side stitches from giggling!

Julie H.: My niece told me the whole family was reading but her dad. He came home from work and was met by four kids and mom relaxed in a chair reading. The house was a mess. He commented on it. I told her, "Tomorrow you all have a cigarette and a beer when he comes home."

Murielle H.: Silliest story is finding my daughters still reading in bed. They differ by six years in age and sleep in separate bedrooms. First I “caught” the eldest (seven years old) reading under her blanket. Then I “caught” the youngest (one year old) also reading her picture book under her blanket. I’m doomed!

Mary-Ellen F.: My dad always stopped in my room when I was a kid (I'm now sixty) to see what I was reading before he went to bed. My parents never censored anything I read. I was a huge fan of the new show Saturday Night Live, and Playboy did an interview with the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. It was midnight, I was a seventeen-year-old girl, my dad came into my room to say goodnight and see what I was reading, and there I was in bed reading Playboy. He said, "Playboy?" I said, "I'm reading the interview." He said, "That's what I always said too," and off he went to bed, nothing else said about it.

Julie H.: I put my kids to bed an hour early just to account for this. They never minded. We're a family of readers!

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