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We posted a cartoon on Facebook last week about a kid sneaking a book — with his mother fully aware and loving it — and our followers went crazy in a good way over it. (Check it out at the bottom of this post.)

And they also shared their own excellent stories about sneaking in a page (or two ... or three ... ), much to our delight.

First we figured we’d pull our favorites and share on our blog, but that barely narrowed down the field.

So we grouped our favorites by topic and are sharing a dose each morning this week, to help you start your day on the right foot.

Sorry about any side stitches from giggling!

Trena W.: In high school, I arrived to class early and began reading a book. I blocked out the noise and didn't hear the teacher call class. She admired my concentration but felt I should apply myself to advanced English the same way.

Jim K.: I've had a long history. My fourth-grade report card:

That's why the "Time Enough at Last" episode in The Twilight Zone is one of my favorites. 

Julia J.: Back in 1969, I was a junior in high school. I think I always had a library book with me. I had decided to read (for that time) the very grown up book, Valley of the Dolls. I had the book stowed under my seat in my math class. My teacher was strolling up and down the rows when she stopped and put her hand on my desk and said, "Does your father know you are reading that book?" I was mortified. She then told me not to bring that book back to school. That would never fly today. I was actually scared she was going to report it to my dad.

Cynthia R.: I was in science class in high school in 1970 with Valley of the Dolls inside my textbook. I didn't realize for a few moments the teacher was calling me out in front of the whole class. I was mortified that I had gotten caught reading in class and that the book was so risque (for the time, anyway)!

Samra F.: Getting caught reading in math class in the fifth grade. Sister Alphonse was quite unhappy with me

Jennie C.: I got caught reading during math class in fifth grade. We had the desks that were open, and I could prop it inside and peek down to see the pages.

Mary S.: I got in trouble with the nuns at school because I would put my book in the middle of whatever textbook I was supposed to be reading!

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